Medman and medboy would you ever consider selling Peruvian coke or Colombian coke ?



  • Medman and medboy would you ever consider selling Peruvian coke or Colombian coke.

  • Everything that's sold on the website including shrooms have legitimate medical uses and evidence to back them up for medical use. You would be very hard pressed to find any legitimate medical usage for cocaine and you have a better chance of seeing Napoleon Bonaparte star in the Icecapades then seeing it sold on a site like this.

  • I really hope not because I don't want to be tempted. Bad bad bad news. It never ends well with coke.

  • Please never sell the product being requested here

  • I'd rather keep this site legitimate. I do consider natural medicine legal under the constitution. Cocaine not so much.

  • Can you imagine the people waiting for their packages? It's bad enough now.

  • "Have you ever sucked dick for marijuana?"

  • I mean to each is own i think this site use to sell mdma or stuff like that. Or that's what I've read. I believe people should be able to do what they want without being judged bc society says its bad.

  • I don’t necessarily know that it’s bad because society says it’s bad, as much as medical and addiction research. I agree that this site should stick to practical medically advantageous products, versus attracting unwanted attention.

  • I hope they NEVER sell it.

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    I don’t think they should ever add ANYTHING that has the potential to be deadly

  • The thing I love about my medicine cabinet now is that it's safe for the kids. The worst thing that happens is...laughter? A bad trip? I'm not saying I'm blase about safety concerns but there's nothing that can kill.

    The main problem is the difference in clientele, though, the business model itself. Cocaine is almost evil by definition, from its source to its transport and delivery. I want no part of that shit, please.

  • All im saying is you can't just say don't sell it bc you can't control yourself and don't want to be around it. It may just be me though. I've been an addict and went through all of it so I can talk out of experience. If the bud really helps you that much you wouldn't be tempted at all. I don't even do coke a little back In my younger years but hell if they turn a profit and make alot of their customers happy then why not but I know they won't ever sell come or anything like that its just weird how people put it down idk

  • Fuck cocaine!
    Fuck it right in the ass.
    I repeatedly ODed on it as well as friends who weren't as lucky as I was as I'm still kicking it, and they're not.
    In my book, that shit is evil, and nothing good comes from it.
    Please don't sell it on this site.

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    I don't anyone who has killed themselves over weed .....I will leave it at that

  • @Sixwaychili your "package" comment made me spit my coffee out Thanks!!! A good laugh is better than good coffee

  • O man I’m glad everyone felt the same way about this like I do. 🤮🤮

  • I wouldn't want this on here and I am a former user. I like that this site remains green. Other than that, the safety issues for this site for consumers, the owners of this site, and the shippers would increase DRAMATICALLY.

  • @nefgreen exactly what i was thinking 😂😂🤣

  • Probably not a good idea. I’m sure it would bring on the heat.

  • @Fastguy199 im glad at least one person recognized that😁 and didnt dismiss me as crazy😝
    Listen to Bob Saget yall

  • Absolutely not.

  • @medboy, Thank You for saying that! No judgment, is just it doesn’t have any medicinal value.

  • Hoping to see PCP on the menu soon, - twitch, twitch -
    All jokes aside, some of my most therapeutic experiences have been on MDMA.

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    @Stab_Snipers I've never tried it (MDMA). I would try it, absolutely. Quality control is everything. It's pure serotonin, right? The same promise we're offered by modern antidepressants. Except it's my understanding MDMA actually works.

    I don't have a problem with unnatural medicines, just not those that manipulate the dopamine system. Been down that road and it is a deal with Satan.

    As others have said: medicinal value. And safe. Those are the main properties a legal medicine should have, I think.

  • Remember how they always say extremely incorrectly that cannabis is a gateway drug to harder drugs? It's more like drinking alcohol until 2 am makes you want to go get an 8-ball of coke and stay up all night. For me, coke goes hand in hand with being stupid and making terrible decisions and then wanting more the next morning so I can make it to work. It has zero redeeming qualities and leads just about everyone down a wrong path towards ruining your life or worse if done enough.

    My demons are crystal meth, cocaine and adderall.

    I'm not sure who the people are who would buy cocaine and have it delivered a week or more later. When I got the urge to buy coke, it was "give it to me right fucking now or I'm gonna get super grumpy." And then when I got it, I'd do it until it was gone.

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    @georgetirebiter The substance (Pure MDMA) is called Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine but everyone calls it "Molly". Serotonin is already a chemical in your brain. It naturally, but slowly flows from receptors into your brain cells, causing you to bounce back from a depressed state and balance out your mood.
    What MDMA does is causes those serotonin receptors in your brain to essentially open the flood gates, and literally flood your brain with serotonin. There is an up and downside to this dramatic release of serotonin, but some amazing things have been done using it to treat PTSD and anxiety.

    And no sir, this is not the same premise offered by big pharma. Their pills re-wire your brain in an attempt to artificially balance your moods whereas MDMA floods your brain with serotonin causing you to feel like you just won a million bucks and everyone around you just won a million bucks. Antidepressants seem to make people feel like they just LOST a million bucks. They all look like zombies to me.

    Sorry for the long post, just a quick side note: MDMA is now in it's 3rd phase of clinical trials, which means people could be getting legal prescriptions for this substance by 2022 assuming those trials go well.

  • @Stab_Snipers Thanks for clarifying. I thought we were talking ecstasy.

    @Sixwaychili It's funny to think about this forum with people waiting for their coke...oh the crazy shit that would get posted.

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