Where's Winston?

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@Winston - Where did you go? Just checking on you, it's been a while.


  • Alot of long-timers come around rarely nowadays. I'm starting to "calm down' myself..

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    Alot of good ppl dont post bc all the new ones seem to just start shit or troll it kinda suks bc it actually used to be a great all around forum deff miss some of the ol heads tho

  • @Winston I wonder where the long timers are at as well . Haven't saw Winston R any of the older ones post in a long time . Hope everything is good with them . They probably stay away from any drama.

  • Just glad not to see so many "where is my package" or "let's track our package" posts!

  • Skholla i do get it , i understand there was alot of them flooding the board at one time sometimes but idk why ppl trip on it so much, just dont read that post and leave it for ppl who DO want to talk about it.. seems weird to me how ppl were coming on other ppls posts kinda disrespecting them :joy: or that's how i felt.. like .. then why are you in there on that post then? haha.

    i think there's 2 sides to every coin- maybe more. i do still come here, but definitely much less now. but i wouldn't say that it's necessarily bc of any person or group ; just alot going on in life. i order less, too, so there's that correlation as well.

    hope everyone has a bomb weekend!

  • Yeah, after I posted the above, I wish I could have deleted. Why rehash. Anyway, I am just glad to see more reviews and.pics. For awhile, it seemed like interesting posts would turn into a where is my package debacle. Have a great weekend.

  • Winston is hiding out with Waldo. :wink:

  • Drama sucks, this forum was hijacked by newbies and all of us old timers couldnt keep up anymore!

  • @v32Finish I think you’re onto something. Life in general is picking up after almost 18 months of sh!t. This is my busiest time of year...but things then slow down substantially for the summer.😉. I also think that there’s somewhat of a cannabis coma after 4/20. I’m pretty flower rich at the moment, but keeping an eye on the menu for something unique or special...just haven’t seen it yet. The Slurricane looks good, but I’m just going to stay patient. Who knows what will drop today or tomorrow?!!

  • That is a very good point in my honest opinion @TheProfessor . Life just happens n routines change in life. I liked wat u said bout "coma". I think that's true of lot of ppl. I rarely comment just usually read and absorb. Happy 🌲💨

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    yep, calm means everyone is getting their stuff in a timely manner. Kinda nice not seeing all those panic posts interrupting threads. :smile:

  • @TheProfessor "cannabis coma" made me lol. Likely true!

  • I'm just waiting for my next order. Been loving the recent stuff.

  • @MikeyC Same! Im waitin on that Granddaddy purp Loud pulled through with! Happy he found some premo to bless us with! Love that strain.

  • I tend to have lots to say....
    .....but then I get high and just read everyone else's posts instead LOL 👍🏼

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    I'm not sure why I don't post much anymore. Just always tired and rarely at my computer these days. And I've been threatened to not add to my inventory and smoking paraphernalia collection! I need an entire room and custom closet. lol

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