Blueberry Muffin(s)

If you were able to get in on the last batch of outdoor Blueberry Muffin offered by Medmama, I think that you're going to very happy! This is some excellent outdoor cannabis, some of the best outdoor I've had maybe the infamous Sunset Sherbet. We're away from home so we had it shipped to our destination and it arrived earlier this was waiting for us when we arrived today. It could use a little time with a Boveda (I ordered some on the road today that will be delivered here Monday) as both it and the Bacio Gelato were a little dry. The Blueberry Muffin has that really nice strong aroma of berries and a hint of baked goods. My ounce has a little shaggier trim than the premium Bacio, but has a nice variety of small and medium sized buds and all are pretty frosty. Maybe I can post a pic tomorrow, but it's also some of the darkest, deepest blue/purple bud I've had...only exceeded by last year's Purple Kush. The taste and effects exceed all my expectations of an outdoor purchase...this batch is really amazing! For someone like me who only hits indica and strong indica leaning hybrids, Blueberry Muffin is the perfect any time of day medicine. It's incredibly relaxing and an awesome mood elevator! It's a great pain reliever as well. Although some use it for insomnia, I doesn't make me that sleepy. I've had Blueberry Muffin from here multiple times, at several price points, and this may be the best batch yet!!


  • Is it more parple than the trop cookies 2 releases back?

  • @MikeyC I didn’t get any of the Trop. Cookies and I couldn’t find a pic on the board. These buds are pretty purple. I’m going to hit some now as my wake n bake!

  • I was on the fence when I saw the outdoor BM..didn’t order but I’m glad you were able to get some! @TheProfessor. I’ve been holding off ordering anything lately. Trying to run through my current stock. Glad you guys made it safely to your destination 😎

  • I am waiting for black buds to show up like when you see dark Huckleberry soda

  • Thanks @superman38NC! The Blueberry Muffin was a good buy!👍🏼 I know what you mean, this was my first order since the end of April, right after 4/20! I needed to do a little restocking!

  • lol @superman38NC. I haven't ordered since 4/20 and I still have a bunch left. I'm probably under an ounce total by now. I am not going beyond 5 strains anymore.

  • I found some of this through a local supplier and it’s great !

  • Its a descent smoke. I still prefer the indoor version, this hits different and the indoor version actually smelled like blueberries. Its by far one of my tops on here(indoor version)

  • Here's the beauty!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 purty my dear, I love that dark purple or blue lol color. I can smell them berries from here 😋

  • edited June 30

    They are some dark beauties indeed @MigraineWarrior79! Twenty-four hours with Bovedas and mine are nice and spongy now!

  • @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor

    Bodeva saved mine too! The smell and they're sticky now. Def some of the best medicine I've gotten!

  • Enjoying a bowl on the back porch right now @MigraineWarrior79! Good stufff!!

  • It’s been a while since I’ve ordered but I sure am tempted with this one!
    I was lucky enough to recently go to a legal state and stock up and found a couple new-to-me strains I’m anxious to try out: Rebel Cookies, Querkle and Dirty Little Secret 🥳

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