Magic Knight

Indica? Sativa? CBD?


  • I have looked all over and couldn’t find any info @MikeyC Ive been curious too about this

  • @medboy is this a hybrid?

  • Let me ask and find out.

  • Appreciate it. Thanks for your patience with me too!

  • From Med Mama:

    Magic knight is a potent hybrid strain. It is an indica-dominant strain with a strong potency that hits fast. Its neon green colored buds are covered with orange to yellow colored hair and has a lovely aroma that is similar to fresh berries. This strain has a strong but calming effect on your body that makes it a perfect antidote for anxiety and stress. Helps relieve anxiety, chronic pain and stress.

  • @medboy thanks, you really do go outta your way to help 🤘 magic knight sounds pretty nice..but don't they all lol.

  • Yes they do! I'm seriously considering this now

  • I'm smoking it right now love the strain quick head buzz followed by and calm relaxed buzz enjoy it's a good choice.

  • The Magic Knight chokes me. I can't even smoke a pinch.
    And I didn't order it. I have felt recently like forgetting to specify a sub has gotten me some real loser stuff.

  • dam loved mine hated it left.

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