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Hi all,

Lots of emails and posts here about inventory and the shippers. Between the holidays and covid, everyone has been having a busy and rough past few weeks. We all appreciate your patience and hope to see things back to normal very soon. I promise that no shipper is excited to sell less product.

Club is back on the menu today, January 9th.
Loud will be back on the menu Wednesday, January 12th.

Stock updates will be on the site as soon as they are made available.

Again, your patience is appreciated. Please refrain from making new posts about this subject, it isn't going to magically stop covid or refill stock.




  • Thanks for the update MB- I only posted this one inquiry/feedback post, although there was a lot of continued discussion due to the interest in new stock- just wanted to say that the update was greatly appreciated, helps me out. Although I’m obviously disappointed in the ‘skimpy menu’ :smile: ,you guys are still my go-to hook-up and I’m still loyal by all means- over 6 years going strong- wish everyone the best and looking forward to going shopping, lol.


  • Good to hear from you medboy. I too tried grocery shopping today, empty. Now my family gets to see the many different meals I can make out of beans and rice😁

  • Thank you bruh, lotsa or a little on the menu is OK w me, 'sides, it was the holidays.

  • So does that mean if you ordered from Loud this past Thursday and you haven't seen a label created you will have to wait until the 12th for your order to ship? @medboy

  • good question I have had a label created on the 7th but nothing since.

  • if I remember correctly it got very light last year at this time

  • @JustBeingBlunt Per my conversation with them, all orders went out. I've had a decent amount of emails recently with "where's my label" questions and packages are arriving without ever appearing on informed delivery, so grain of salt.

  • Thanks for the update @medboy . While I didn't send an email, I'm one of those wondering "where my label" is. Ordered last Mon. night, hope I am one of the lucky ones and it shows up unannounced in a few days.

  • Me too! Glad to hear this because I did get an order in and got mine from Merlin today.

  • @medboy All good just checking. I usually get something on Informed Delivery so I didn't know if they weren't able to ship mine yet. Thanks for the update. I will let you know if I have anymore issues

  • whoot! My shipping label just showed up. :smile:

  • Fingers crossed something besides labels show but still got 2 haven't seen labels for and 2 should touched down by now and down to last bit of crumbs. Hopefully the greenery gods are favorable and shine down today for everyone

  • So to be clear: All of the orders placed with LOUD have shipped? I placed an order last Thursday and haven't seen a label yet. I've been chalking it up to ID being slack.

  • ozbaxter I had an order placed on Wednesday label made Friday accepted Tuesday delivery Friday

  • I ordered CC today at 8 am and usps accepted at 3:51pm will be here friday

  • @OzBaxter I ordered on Thursday also and have not seen anything on informed delivery and I never have this issue. @medboy said that everything had already shipped. I'm kind of doubting this now since we have multiple people without tracking. Can we get an update?

  • @JustBeingBlunt I think I have my answer. A label was just now created at 5:40am this morning. So at least another 5 days wait I guess...

  • How/where are ya'll able to view these labels? -_-; i feel my order has truly been lost in the mail this time.

  • I thought Loud was supposed to be back yesterday?

  • @Yumewaru On the USPS Informed Delivery site. It shows everything being mailed to your house.

  • @BMan I think that and "all orders have shipped" might have been a slight overstatement. Loud's been dealing with sickness from what I gather, so it slowed the post-holiday process. Just a guess.

  • I still got nothing showing

  • @JustBeingBlunt Given that it's been 7 days to get a label, and it's almost the weekend, and a wave of snow coming to the east coast, I wouldn't expect to receive anything until at least next Tuesday if not later.

  • @OzBaxter Many thanks. Didn't see any labels. No idea what it means. Hoping loud feels better soon.

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    @OzBaxter yeah I don't expect it anytime soon but thats why I tried to order early. We are about to get hit hard Sunday and it would have been nice to have my package before. 10 days before a snow storm you would think that would be early enough but even as @LoudnCo is back up on the site I still don't have any tracking on my order from last Thursday. I guess I might get it by February

  • We deepily apologize for any delays. Some of the staff got covid and ended up in the hospital and then we had a landslide (wild!!) but we are getting caught up and we are deeply apologetic about any delays. Oh and we had massive snow stroms which delayed all USPS. Even our own mail was extremely delayed. Once again, we are extremly sorry for all of this, but we are working around the clock to get everything out.

  • @LoudnCo I don't think anyone begrudges your issues, as they are perfectly understandable and unavoidable. I think if anyone is complaining it's the miscommunication between hearing shippers are back on board the 3rd and then not finding out until the 9th that you were still down, and then also being told all orders had been shipped already (when that is obviously false). Things happen, we get it. No worries. Just disappointing to have to wait two weeks to get anything. Especially for those of us dry as a bone and waiting to be stuck indoors due to snow. But hey, like I said, shit happens. We will still enjoy your product when it arrives. 👍🏼🍺

  • Well, mine was scheduled for delivery next Tues. Got it today (Purple Runtz). So it took less than 2 weeks. Not bad for going thru a blizzard and pandemic. Thanks @LoudnCo!

  • I hope and pray we all receive our medicine soon.

  • @LoudnCo ur work has changed my QoL. so, i got nothin but gratitude. Ya'll stay safe out there.

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