Concentrate Veriety pack?

If anyone orders this please lmk how it is and if truly worth it. I think this is an awesome idea!! Should have a flower one also


  • I saw it on the order page but it says read description but I can't find a description and don't see it on the concentrate page... I like this idea too and I'm wondering about the description.

  • There it showed up for me. Only thing that will keep me from ordering is the chance of getting kief!!! Not dabbable...

  • @Mr4Sher It is on the concentrate page. The description is there not sure why you wouldn't see it.
    Also, I'm sure if you specified in the "Comments" section of the order form "No Kief Please", that @MerlinsMagic would certainly do their best to leave it out.

  • @medboy probably needed my cookies cleared out. That's good to know. Im considering this on my next purchase because merlin concentrates are amazing. Thanks for the info..

  • Yea this site kicks ass this def might be next pay purchase

  • @Mr4Sher yea this week coming I’ll order and let ya know how it is if you haven’t by then

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Right on! I look forward to hearing about what you get.

  • It's hard to tell if this is a good deal or not since it's not stated what you're getting.

  • edited May 2022

    @Sixwaychili my thoughts exactly! How many grams am I getting for that price tag???

  • @Mr4Sher The description reads: Quantity of items that will come in the variety pack are determined by the amount and cost of an item.
    For Example: You might get 4 items in a variety pack, or you might get 3 items in a variety pack, this does not mean you are missing an item. This means one of the items might be worth more or you received more of a certain item.

    So the amount of an item depends on what items you get and their price point.

  • @medboy I understand what it says and means friend. I'm simply saying that without knowing how many grams I'm getting I'm not willing to spend over $200. I personally would like to know how much I'd be receiving. Not for me personally. I don't have the funds to take the risk.. that's all.. No disrespect intended.

  • I just ordered so will let everyone know as soon as delivered will review each item!

  • Thanks for the questions to help us clarify our offerings.

    We're going to send 5 grams minimum of crumble or say 4 grams of crumble/diamonds and 3+ grams of kief or hash. You can mark preferences.

    @medboy can you update the description lol? Thanks !

  • Everyone sorry I just seen this thanx @MerlinsMagic i didn’t see this to chose but I absolutely love what I have recieved today! Got 2 grams cherry biscotti 2 grams Girl Scout cookies and 2 grams Mac and a ball of hash!! Def worth it everyone expecially if you a connisour like me. If anyone would like to know the effects of any lmk and I’ll review that kind for ya. Just got them in mail so haven’t tried them yet lol. But for everyone wondering I really think it’s worth every penny!!

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Damn... That's a decent haul. Was the MAC diamonds or crumble?

  • @MerlinsMagic Updated!
    @Tommyandpolly2021 Glad you're satisfied!

  • @Tommyandpolly2021

    Interested in the hash effects, and looks. If ya can post a pic, that would be awesome. 💚

  • The Mac was like one solid ball like a waxy butter kinda def hard hitter.. sorry everyone I work a lot so not on here much or have time between work and the kids!! But I need to go look how to post pics on this site cause I never have before but will do as soon as figure it out! And the hash is pretty good the taste reminds me of some real good bubble hash but just came in a ball form and it def has that nice complete body high for sure I wish could seriously have it on the menu at all times whoever made it knows what they doing for sure I’m trying to saver it for rainy days 😂

  • Cherry biscotti kinda sand texture but little waxy to

  • Thanks @Tommyandpolly2021
    That's awesome!!
    I'm definitely going to order this soon. Def looks like a deal!

  • All looks tasty shoot might have try this deal at some point really like the idea of variety bad o

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