The amazing extracts contraption

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This was cobbled with in about 10 minutes. Using a digital soldering iron and parts from DDave. I ordered some metal to make it one piece instead two. The oven's packed with high carbon steel balls for even heating. Clouds are your reward ...hits harder to my EQ ever did. I will post the finished product when I'm first with it. Clouds, love and luck to everyone 😲💨💚🍀


  • What happens when you get that thing up to 88 mph??

  • You leave the ground in many ways

  • You have the high ground.

  • I'm burnt right now and i didn't know wtf i at looking at for 5 minutes lol

  • That has literally a zero rating for the WAF in my house (Wife Acceptance Factor).

    I'm more working on gaining acceptance for creating a humidity controlled cannabis pantry. I doubt I'll get anything more than I have now. lol

  • @Sixwaychili lol I'd accept that myself. I'm expecting some metal and wood screws nuts, silicone sleeves I'm going for the size of my EQ or just a little bit bigger. I can use it as is but that's no fun. By the way my wife wouldn't let me bring this thing inside...the picture was taken on the porch of my workshop 😁

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    haha @MNTDWLER

    It's funny because I know I'm ridiculous. I'm so lucky that she also smokes so she's not totally against my excess, but she'd also be happy with just one strain and one bowl and that's it. I need 7-8 different strains for different moods and needs.

    We just had a disagreement because she wants me to throw out the huge bags of beef gelatin and soy lecithin I bought to make edibles 6 months ago and haven't touched since. lol

  • Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat as you @Sixwaychili. Maybe if I had an nice workshop like my brother @MNTDWLER or a private man cave…but alas…nope! But, the better half is very generous and supportive of my meds. She’d be happy with 7-8 different strains…but she indulges my excesses.😁😎🧐

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