Multiple shipping labels from Merlin showing up on Informed Delivery (I only placed one order)

I was checking my informed delivery dashboard to track an order from @MerlinsMagic and all of a sudden 10 tracking numbers showed up yesterday - all from Merlin's usual location. They are all different tracking numbers and I just wanted to make sure something isn't awry. None of the packages have been accepted/in transit yet so perhaps this was just an accidental mistake when creating the labels and only 1 will eventually be in transit.

Has anyone experienced this issue in the past? Sorry for the tag MerlinsMagic - just wanted to make sure you weren't accidentally sending me a bunch of packages that should be going to other customers and alerting you in case you need to cancel some of those labels and weren't aware of what happened.

Thank you!


  • @fm_25

    Personally, this has happened to me before, but not as many as you. They usually fall off of ID once the correct one starts moving. I think it's a glitch on USPS side. 💚

  • Yes I have multiple labels from Merlin as of this morning I have 16

  • Hmm, this is odd. I'm going to take a guess and say this has to be a glitch.

  • Agreed that it's got to be a glitch on the USPS side based on the responses. Never a dull moment with Informed Delivery haha. Cheers!

  • I can also attest to this as well from Merlin. Not every time. But sometimes, a second shipping label pops up…I get excited for a second Thinkin they are sending me a bonus package! Haha but I’m just as happy to get only what I ordered. 😁

  • Got a label from Merlin today. Only one, nothing unusual.

  • @TheMad710Chemist I received a bonus package once a few years ago. Basically, two identical packages. I ordered two ounces and got a qp!😁😎🧐

  • I got 23 made and only one has tracked so i emptied my dashboard of them all

  • I hope you get 10 packages. :smiley:

  • Yea I got seven so it’s definitely something on usps side..

  • Same thing here.

  • I feel cheated, I only got one extra notification. Only got one order too.

  • Same here 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • My order is out for delivery. East Coast. Ordered on Tuesday night around 11:45pm. Awesomeness

  • I can't tell but hopefully it's moving, went thru i95 and animal pie way too quick and hoping the Chem dawg and cherry pie are at least somewhat close in effects its been so long since snagged any outdoor

  • I bought the greenhouse biscotti. Lots of crystals under camera light. Very pleasant high. Got my freebie too. So grateful for this site.

  • @Vapedad78 You won't be disappointed. Both Chemdawg and Cherry Pie are phenomenal!

  • Yep, Informed delivery was showing 3 delivery’s for me but it’s finally fell off to just my 1 delivery now but 3 delivery’s would sure be nice today. 😉 My order was processed on the 20th and it’s showing that I’ll get my goody’s on the 26th.😋 I feel like a kid at Christmas, every time I’m waiting on my package to arrive from @MerlinsMagic 😂

  • That's awesome to hear @ChunksEggo8187 good locking out

  • Looks like the company weve been using switched it's back end, so there are some hiccups. We're investigating alternates in case it continues to be an issue.

  • Put in request wed and still getting order and fulfillment emails but looks like at least ready for transit

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