Differences in growing conditions

It seems like I should know this considering I've been ordering from MM for years but, can someone please explain the difference between "Greenhouse" & "Indoor"? Outdoor is obvious but I'm a wee little bit confused over the other 2. Thanks.


  • @PCT90 I'm pretty sure Greenhouse is like indoor except they use the sun instead of lights and indoor would be artificial lighting and all. I'm sure someone else could better answer this tho...

  • @Mr4Sher is correct.
    The plants are grown in a greenhouse outside, and the lighting is controlled by the good ol sun. As far as nutrients and such, I'm pretty sure it's like indoor.

    I personally have never grown, but my Dad did before I was born in 79, and a majority of the 80s, so I was able to have a small understanding..kinda, sorta as a kiddo. Lol as much a little one can understand.

  • Indoor weed is so much easier to control because you control the climate. I think the reason indoor is more expensive simply because its more expensive to grow indoor than outdoor. In a Greenhouse you can grow way more plants and the sunlight can make the plants so much bigger and you can flower the plants in the middle of the summer so they get straight sun when they are in flower which means the buds are SO much denser.

  • Great. Thanks for the insight guys. I probably should have revised my original question, I've never heard of an indoor greenhouse so I should have presumed that the "greenhouse" condition was outdoor. Can't wait to start getting my own grow going (hydroponically of course) seems like such a rewarding thing to do even if it's just for personal consumption initially.

    On a completely different note, @medman @medboy a couple of the photos on the "Strain" the section of the website broke.

    Finally, anybody given Purple Agave a try? Thoughts? Comments? Can't seem to find anything on it on the WWW.

  • @PCT90

    Purple Agave is a really nice, relaxing strain. I had it earlier in the year. I wouldn't call it heavy because I was still able to accomplish daily tasks.
    I hope that helps. 💚😋

  • edited August 2022

    @MigraineWarrior79 It does thank you & to be honest I've never smoked a strain that's put me out of commission, if I want to not feel for a while I'll just do it dab the size of a marble.

    But it's a good thing that Purple Agave is not going to render me comatose I just got my service dog back from the kennel after 4 years & 22 days. So obviously I have to remain aware enough to be able to care for her. So nice to not be homeless anymore.

  • I guess I understand the price discrepancy, kind of, but I’ve had some killer outdoor in the past. It used to be the bomb, least round my parts.

  • @PCT90

    I'm so happy for you!! 😊💚

  • We know about the pictures. We are currently waiting to receive new ones.

  • Greenhouse can also mean light assist, where we add lights them inside the greenhouse

  • @MerlinsMagic Thanks for your input.

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