Gratitude and edibles


Again I want to express my gratitude to Medicine Man, Med Boy, Loud & Co, Merlins Magical Meds, and Happy Trees. Having so many choices and being able to make educated choices in purchasing has been such a gift - not to mention making this community available. Nobel Peace Prize worthy ;)

On a personal note, I have a new found passion for making edibles. I feel like I get so much more from my flower since I stopped putting flame to it. I splurged on a quality vape and a decarbing and infusing machine. The best thing ever is that machine - just dump the flower in, press a button, forget about it. I have made cookies, gummies and brownies with infused butter and coconut oil, fast hitting THC powder with maltodextrin. The best bit of advice I was given was to save the infused flower and freeze it. I have found the easiest, longest-lasting edible is 1.5oz of decarbed flower infused into a pound of quality butter - AND adding some of my previously infused flower. The finished product goes into a 8oz mason jar and lasts us a couple of months. A small amount on weeknights and larger amounts on weekends. I have also run a second infusion with butter and made some powerful cookies. I am really looking forward to the next strain drop to get my holiday cooking and vaping bud. I cannot wait to get in the kitchen and start crafting some holiday treats.

Who else is creating edibles? What tips and tricks do you want to share?


  • Got a link to said vape and decarbing infusing machine?

  • Definitely the machine is:

    The vape is a Pax 3

  • My guess was going to be Ardent. Have a Nova but I can't use it for decarbing because the smell, even though it's not that bad my landlord would kick me out. Would love to sell it. For full extraction when vaping Dynavap is my favorite.

  • I think Ardent recently added an accessory lid to fix the smell problem, has a tighter seal - not sure if there is a Nova size. I no longer have to deal with landlords, thank god

  • omg, watch this video on the ardent with 2 Chainz. HAHA

    That looks freaking sweet.

    I've tried to make gummies, but it was a bit of a disaster since I added way too much vape oil and way too much gelatin. So it was like eating rubber mixed with lawn clippings. Got me high AF though. My gf ate one a night to sleep every night and ended up with a bigger tolerance than I had. I will say that when I licked all the excess after making them, it was the highest I've ever been in my life by far. My gf got home and just looked at me and laughed.

    I want to try again though.

    @TabulaRaza how many grams of THC do you get out of an ounce with the ardent? Obviously it would depend on the potency, but is there a rough estimate for dosing?

  • I personally use the infuzium stx 420 I also bought the decarb machine with it and have no issues with smell I’ve found Emily Kyles edible dosage calculator to be a big help in getting me pretty close to knowing how many mg I’m getting per serving

  • Emily Kyle’s gummy recipe: is what Ive used for gummies and have had no problems.

    I know there is some debate about THC%s I miss Cannabis Club listing theirs, in the beginning I felt it was important but now I don’t care. I aim for high potency in bulk and when I bake I can cut the potency back.

    @Sixwaychili loved the 2 Chains video! Hadn’t seen it before. I love Shanel A Lindsey!
    I save all my vaped flower. Keep hoping to get to a liquor store for some bottle of high % alcohol to make a tincture with it. Until then it just sits and waits and during those dry spells when there is no flower I sprinkle a tablespoon into food. First time I did that I thought meh…I’ve already vaped it, it can’t be that potent and I dumped a bit too much into some mac and cheese (maybe over a quarter cup), I have such a high tolerance, it can’t possibly get me all that high. Mac and cheese tasted awful - like lawn clippings! My limbs stopped communicating with my brain so I lost a good portion of the day lost in a deep haze flopping around on the sofa. My karma for laughing at the journalist who wrote about eating a whole infused candy bar and being body locked on the floor of her hotel room thinking she was going to die.

    My rough estimate for dosing is assuming the flower I get from MedicineMan is at least 20% and -

    “You have 5 grams of flower, which equals 5000 mg. If your bud has 20% THC, you simply multiply 5000 by 20%, and you'll get a total of 1000 milligrams of THC. If you are making gummies (my mold makes 96 gummies) you divide the quantity of gummies by your 1000, each gummy is around 10mgs per serving”

  • I got to the 1/4 cup part and nearly spit out my coffee, knew where you were going next. Great story.

  • That’s pretty funny @TabulaRaza! I’m having trouble getting past the image of mac and cheese with that much ABV in it…and then actually eating it!😳🤢😂. We’re making a batch of ABV infused honey today (1 cup ABV and 16 oz local honey). It’s amazing how strong it always is!😎🧐

  • Jesus Christ how was it visiting an alternate universe @TabulaRaza lol gf and I had av fraction of that with some peanut butter and were still so loopy next morn had to wait to drive to store and die almost couldn't make it to work🤣

  • thats the great thing about cannabis. you can expirement, screw up big time, enter the alternate universe and just ride it out and have a story. 🤡 Not my proudest moment but loved learning that it wasnt a waste of time saving avb. I now have a healthy respect for avb. @TheProfessor, please,...I have two cups of avb - please sir, spill your infused honey recipe. That sounds much more desirable than an alcohol tincture.

  • It's an old secret family recipe😀

  • It’s so easy @TabulaRaza! No secret!🤣We use 1 cup of abv with 16oz of local honey. The cheesecloth I have is about 8 1/2” wide, and already two layers. I fold it and cut to make a four layer 8.5-9” square. Put 1/2 cup abv in the center of the square, gather up the corners and tie them into a tight ball with some string. I leave about a foot of string hanging to help move them around. Make two!😁. We use 16oz of local honey poured into a clear glass crock jar with a flip lid. Just push the balls of abv down into the honey and put the jar into a crock pot on low with enough water to cover the level of honey in the jar. Let simmer on low for 6-10 hours. Occasionally, push the balls down into the honey. I think we pulled ours out at about 7 hours yesterday. Pull the abv balls out by the string, and wrap with another single square of cheesecloth and press out as much honey as you can with an AeroPress coffee press (I think it was @MikeyC who told me about the press), hence the 1/2 cup balls…they fit in the press! You end up losing some honey, but we’ve got 12-13oz of dark honey, with a slightly nutty taste, that knocks us on our a$$es. It really good at bedtime! I’ve got a big jar of stems and shake that I’m going to chop up and try using the same method.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor how long does it take to feel the effects of the infused honey? I too have a huge build up of stems and shake that idk what to do with but can't bring myself to throw it away. I need to do something with it bad...

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    @Mr4Sher I haven’t tried it yet with the stems, but the abv honey hits pretty quickly…10-20 minutes… and hard! We’ve found that with the abv honey, the effects are similar to the original flower…and we tend to vape more at night.😴 My guess is the stem/shake will be similar. I’ve got years worth…it’s a big jar !😁 I’ll use a Ninja to really rip them up!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thank you! I found 5oz honey bear bottles. Infused honey! Great add to my own collection and holiday gift packages.

  • Aeropress with cheesecloth is the best @TheProfessor life's too short

  • I have started the first batch and am full of anticipation tinged with a hint of anxiety. I had a jam-packed 8oz jar of avb, which came out weighing just over one pound - have to say seeing a pound of avb wrapped up in two cheesecloth balls brought on some flashbacks 🤯 and anxiety 😂 but I soldiered on. Added 2 cups of honey sourced from my region. I am using the FX to infuse. I put all ingredients in the sleeve and it's set and forget till I see the green light. Everything I have ever made I always try before doling out. I can't seem to move past the idea that that was a shit ton of avb for a measly 16 ounces of honey! I have to figure out when I can experiment and risk a knockout, I don't really want to visit alternative universes again. The good news (I think) I have 32oz of honey and another jam-packed 8oz jar of avb left to play around with. I am thinking I will split the avb in half and infuse it into another pound of honey and compare.
    I am curious (and fully aware this is not an exact science) @TheProfessor how much honey do you indulge in for ass knockouts?

  • @TabulaRaza wish I could guinea pig for ya!!!!

  • omg @Mr4Sher I would kill (figuratively of course) for a willing guinea pig!! One that used his words!
    😂😂😂 I married a man who had never indulged until meeting me. I know he enjoys it but its like pulling teeth to get feedback. After several years of trying different strains, different recipes, methods of indulging...GDP was the one that got the most verbose response from him "yeah, thats nice, I feel really relaxed"

  • @TabulaRaza GDP is one of my faves too. My wide doesn't even indulge in cannabis. She used to but it just makes her anxious and paranoid now. Maybe you edibles are so strong they render him speechless? Anyways I would if I could...

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    @TabulaRaza sounds like you’ve been busy! I’m going to make another batch this weekend with stems and shake I have. We usually take two teaspoons before bed but sometimes one works.😴😎🧐

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