Loud's Blueberry 🫐[Outdoor]

I went ahead and pounced on this today when I saw it! 🫐is up there on my favorites list with good old Hindu, so this post is for review & pics to follow once I receive!

Thanks @LoudnCo !



  • Might have to pick some of this up. I got me a dynavap vaporizer and it has significantly cut back on my flower intake. If anyone is on a budget the dynavap is a great investment...

  • @Mr4Sher

    That's awesome! I wish I liked vaping flower, but I don't overall. 😊💚

  • @Mr4Sher I too am a Dynavap user. The small amount that works is amazing. Are you touching or induction?

  • Couldn’t agree more @MigraineWarrior79! One of my favorite sleep strains! Knocks me out every time!!😎🧐

  • @antfuzz torching atm. Looking at a wand tho. My 1st order was the series M starter pack with dynacoil, titanium tip, titanium condenser, spare parts set, bonger, low temp cap, old cap, and new armored cap. I'm currently just using the m with normal captive cap and titanium condenser. I haven't tried the titanium tip or any other caps yet...

  • So yall really like the dynavapes? What's a good set? My arizer eq getting old and dirty and been Timon bout a more mobile or smaller vape possibly portable

  • Sorry not tryna jack anyone's thread

  • @Vapedad78 @Mr4Sher @antfuzz

    I don't care, lol, talk away! 🤣

  • @Vapedad78 I love my M series you can get it for under 100. I think it's 70 or 80. I got the starter pack with dynacoil(for concentrates) for 140 I think. It came with m series dynvap, dynacoil, torch, dugout for storage and some extra parts... There's some more expensive options, like the omni that's titanium and more expensive but I highly recommend the M series. Once you get past the learning curve it's great!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 oh you know I will..... Lol

  • @Mr4Sher sounds pretty good I check out the reddit group on occasion but haven't known anyone with to have opportunity to try out

  • @Mr4Sher why do you vape? What do you see as the advantages? Especially this dynavap

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    @TreesPlz its healthier, smells less indoors, you get higher off a smaller amount cuz combusting burns off most the thc, you can use the abv after you vape it for edibles, I'm sure there's more reasons but that's all i got off the top of my head... and I just saw that the series m was the best vape for the $ but its the only one I've owned so I have nothing to compare. All I know is it works and works well....

  • @Mr4Sher so I'm curious why you wouldn't simply go the oil vape route then?

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    @TreesPlz oil? Are you referring to concentrates? If so cuz they jack up my tolerance way too high. I do them on occasion but I love flower. Im Starting to feel judged man. Why does it matter so much what I enjoy and why? If your just curious I apologize but I don't like when people gatekeep things. Especially weed...

  • The Dynavap will give you full extraction. That means all the terpenes in that strain. And awesome flavor. Their site explains better.


    Using DynaVap’s dry herb vaporizers allows you to get 75% more use out of your material without sacrificing high level results. Our devices utilize a convection/conduction process that brings the cannabis to the perfect vaporization temperature, never burning your precious herb. Baking the flower allows a steady release of cannabinoids without burning them all out— a common occurrence when smoking with a pipe or other forms of combustion devices. Unlike other vaporizers on the market, our devices are designed with precise temperature control, utilizing a “click” in the Cap to signal to the user that their material is heated and ready to use. No more guessing games, just Respect the Click. Our dry herb devices can also become compatible with many full melt concentrates upon inserting the DynaCoil.


  • Thank you, @antfuzz . I'll have to check it out sometime.

  • Just put in an order for a split of BLUEBERRY and Pink Runtz. Really hope the split is honored cuz I want the Blueberry more but had to check off Pink Runtz on the order form cuz it's more expensive! I really need the help calming my racing mind like it claims it will do in the description. Love, love, love those kinda strains. Also added some of Merlins sugar wax to my order. Redbull.

  • Looking for pics cuz i am about to cop this !

  • Ps. Guys im looking for a purple flower!! which strains should i get ? You know the pics really doesn't do any justice help dogg out!

  • I really wasn't too sure I would like dry vaping after all the years using bongs and blunts but I picked up the arizer eq on a good sale and absolutely love vaping now over combustion although occasionally still pull out a pipe or bong I really do love the taste and effects from vaping and being able to use what I've already vaped a second time for edibles

  • @Vapedad78 Didn't like it either when I tried it years ago. Now won't do combustion again. I don't know if I have the percentage right but you only get 40% of the terpenes vs vaping. It's getting to that certain temperature to get the terps and also the flavor. There's a forum called fuckcombustion.com where you can finds loads of info.

  • Yeah vaping flower is where it's at! Not that I don't enjoy snapping some bowls outta the bong. Lol. But vaping is much more efficient for me.

  • @antfuzz Any experience with the dynacoil and concentrates? Looking for some advice...

  • @Mr4Sher No sorry, I've stayed away for those mostly because I have to go outside and leave the property to vape. I would ask in the Reddit sub group about that. Have you gotten the hang of heating it yet?

  • @antfuzz yeah getting there. Liking it more everyday...

  • Has anyone received this outdoor Blueberry yet that can report on the effects?

  • @friendsofbillw

    It's on the way, fam. I'll letcha know as soon as I receive. 💚😊

  • Thanks @MigraineWarrior79 looking for something to knock me out and was hoping this was the one!

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