420 Sale!

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Happy 420 to everyone! Our sale is now live. Use the code 420sale2023 when checking out to take 20% off of your entire order! Please note that the price change will take effect on the page AFTER you hit submit and it gives you the summary.




  • Happy 420 @medman @medboy @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees and the medicineman fam!! I’m so grateful for all of you!! Thank you so much for the discount too! Woo hoo!!

  • 😎🤙🏻

  • Thanks, MB! Happy 4/20!

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    When I tried to pay although it applies the discount for the sale it's asking me to send INF Bitcoin...


  • Hi MikeyC, give it a try again in a few. That's a glitch we've seen before, it usually self-resolves quickly. I'll keep an eye on it as well.

  • @medboy I just sent you an email on the same issue, just FYI. I'll try to resubmit as well.

  • @medboy it resolved itself when I resubmitted the order.

    Other than paying an extra 8 bucks for 1 product everything worked out splendidly. Thanks for the discount! I mentioned the overcharge in the comments so hopefully the shipper is considerate.

  • MikeyC What product overcharged?

  • What is INF Bitcoin? Tries to enter order twice & get the same...

  • problem twice? "This code is not valid, or your code does not match the ZIP we have on file. If your address has changed please contact us." and I have entered correctly and using code above.

  • I keep getting INF for BTC but says right amount in dollars but tried like 5 or 6 times at least

  • Getting same inf bitcoin request, tried twice. Will try back later. Prices are now correct on the order form though which is great.

  • @medboy sorry just keep getting same inf amount

  • Just ordered and got INF Bitcoin also.

  • it went through third time charm.

  • @medboy 1/2 of fungus makilla gorilla was 120 and last time 110

  • Im getting the inf bitcoin also. I have tried 3 orders so far and always get the inf bitcoin.

  • I have tried placing an order 5 times since 8:30 this morning & it's STILL coming up send INF Bitcoin...

  • I've reported the INF issue, not something I can personally fix. It isn't happening 100% of the time, all I can suggest right now is waiting a bit and trying again. Apologies, I wish I had the solution. Again though, I have reported the problem to the site designer.

  • Can I just send Bitcoin to complete the order?

  • @StinkEyeBob Definitely NO, if the amount isn't exactly what the system expects in BTC the order will NOT process.

  • @medboy oh no I went ahead and sent BTC I emailed you though HELP

  • @medboy I'm an idiot sandwich. My dumbass sent payment & confirmed on blockchain too. I emailed you already. I'm sorry 😞

  • I'm so confused I sent BTC to wallet did I mess up? Wtf is inf btc

  • Have an INFinitely Happy 420! 💩

  • I also sent payment to the wallet requested. After it successfully sent. Then I received the INF message.

    I hope that everything will show up? Confused because everything sent fine. Just after my order -it gave me a wallet address and correct amount after discount - sent payment, then a few minutes later the address in my email changed to inf…?

    Weird, but the Bitcoin sent. Haven’t received my payment confirmation on either order yet though.

    Still waiting on that.

  • Should we try lite coin? @medboy

  • @Jerbear0624 same thing happened to me

  • Litecoin resolves. Unfortunately I don’t have access to buy litecoin. Anyone find a way to force BTC to resolve? Tried several dozen times.

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