420 Raffle

Hey there everybody we're running another raffle for 420! Same rules as last time, you can enter as many days as you want but only once per day. To enter you have to mention the raffle in the comments section of the order. We're going to be running it from today to 4/20, 4/20 being the last day you can enter. The winner will be chosen on 4/21 and the prize will be an oz of whatever bud we have in stock of their choosing! Best of luck!



  • Hey I ordered today and just saw this. Please count me.

  • This is how you win! Love the idea

  • @pap7777 sure thing we can add you in, what did you order?

  • Two Rso. Gummies.

  • Nice 👍🏼

  • You guys are awesome!

  • @pap7777 Okay we'll add you in

  • Good luck everyone! My raffle prize from @HappyTrees was pretty awesome :)

  • Lucky woulda loved that mixed 4 zips congrats again maybe this time if they get the slurp back up

  • I ordered Cherry Tahoe yesterday and just saw this. Please count me in as well. Thank you.

  • @Vapedad78 Slurp is back!

  • @OzBaxter good looking out thanks yeah I gotta work on that been saving last 1.5-2tps think least couple servings left but always like having backup of stuff like that just in case, appreciate ya

  • Aw man I just seen this hope I can still enter 😭🫡

  • I ordered 8 carts of Buddha bliss last Monday now I wish I would have seen this before I ordered

  • Ooh, didn't know about this before. Count me in as well.

  • It's the last day to enter into the raffle! Remember to mention it if you're buying from us today during the sale! The winner will be announced tomorrow, good luck!

  • @HappyTrees Shoot I forgot can u add me

  • Please add me also. Ordering again today!

  • @HappyTrees I would love to order again but reports of NO movement of already printed labels for over a week from Loud and Merlin is making me nervous. I have one waiting. Hopefully med will have some info before the end of day.

  • I hope the INF bitcoin thing is fixed by the end of today, I can't submit my order to yall. I'm sure other people have made several orders tho so I don't stand a chance anyway lol. This is dope tho.

  • edited April 2023

    @HappyTrees aw man I just copy pasted my same message in the comments section as earlier since my order wasn't working and didn't expect this one to actually work, email is like the name here. Please count me in! Thanks.

  • I’m in. Thx.

  • Thanks for running this Happy! Seriously awesome

  • OMG, I forgot to put it in the comments. I ordered a split of the indoor ice cream cake and mendo breath smalls. Please enter me in the raffle! :smiley:

  • edited April 2023

    Alright guys all of you that forgot to mention the raffle tell me what you ordered and I'll do my best to add you in. You have until tomorrow though, once we get the last of the entries we're going to announce the winner.

  • Ounce of Runtz and 2 pods @HappyTrees 🙏

  • I should have a couple entries this time around. Ordered a bunch of pre rolls I’m receiving tomorrow and today went for hopefully a split of your 2g vapes. Requested Banana Nerds and Cactus Cooler or Peach Rings..all sound amazing. Read the thread on these can’t wait! Are they organic? @HappyTrees thx for the discount!! Happy 4-20 everyone

  • @HappyTrees I ordered strawberry cheesecake/runtz split... Please add me to the raffle

  • Ordered 2boxes of the sweet cheese and 2 Killa beez 12 count pre-rolls and 1/4 of the lemon

    Please enter in the raffle. Thanks so much!!!

  • I got in earlier this week on a Killa 12 pack (killa shipping speed, btw, HTs!!). With the 10+ orders I had to put in before I got a BTC price to pay, I forgot to put raffle in comments yesterday.
    I ordered ice cream cake split w/ mendo breath. Apologies for forgetting!

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