On vacation in Alaska

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I've been in Alaska, near Fairbanks, for about 6 weeks now. My brother planted an auto-flower seed and after only a couple days this little girl popped its head up. The strain is called Skunk 1. This time of year Fairbanks gets almost 20 hours a day of direct sunlight, and this little girl loves it.

I am a little sad that I won't be here when it flowers in 10-12 weeks.




  • How's the weather? It's a cute little beginning of a beautiful plant! Skunk #1 is a fav. 💚 @justaguy

  • @MigraineWarrior79 - Beautiful weather. Mid 60's, blue skies. A nice change from home where it's already hitting 90. When I got here the highs were in the -10's and everything was still frozen. Since then the whole place turned into a green garden. I love it, except the mosquitoes can be a bother.

  • @justaguy

    I'd never want to leave!

  • The little skunk is growing.

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    After a week of cold and wet weather, the little skunk still wants to grow.


    Also started some Wedding Cake


  • Little beauties!!

  • Damn @TheProfessor , that purple Kush on the board looks 🔥

  • Shhhh @TreesPlz, I’m hoping nobody notices it.🤣😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Me too! I did order some though, lmao!

  • Yeah...me too @MigraineWarrior79! 😊😁 Love me some Purple Kush! It's usually a pretty good strain for insomnia.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    I picked it up for insomnia & these dreadful migraines I've been getting lately.
    Fingers crossed it brings sweet relief, lol.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I hope it does both for you my friend. 😊 I don’t suffer from migraines, but good cannabis is my night-time savior. I’m almost out of the Skywalker OG…a real nighttime thumper for me so I’m hoping the PK will do the job. It usually does! I love my 💯% indicas!😎🧐

  • @MigraineWarrior79 @TheProfessor I also ordered a little of the PK. After a long break. I explained, in another post, about my personal issues. That have been life changing at the least. I had over 20 jars of different strains, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, you name it. A few grams of sugar diamonds. Well, my bitch of am ex gave me a mental breakdown of sorts and destroyed it all while I was in the er. I had to fight tooth and nail to keep from being committed!!! Goes to show the damage it can do when you trust someone completely and they betray you. And my trust doesn't come easy. This was an 11 year relationship that, I thought, was fine until all the lies and truths came out. Communication could have prevented it all early on, but that's not on me. I tried... Any hoo. I'll be ordering again here and there but my financial situation has changed too. That PK looks unpassable imo tho. Hope it delivers!!

  • Sorry to hear that @Mr4Sher. Trust…is a hard thing. My step-son had a very similar situation with his ex. It was awful…for quite awhile. Fortunately, that’s 5-6 years behind us now and all is well. I hope that you can find some peace and relief my friend. Here’s hoping that the Purple Kush is some 🔥!

  • @Mr4Sher

    My goodness, my friend. I am so very sorry you're going through this right now!
    I've been in a very similar situation about 6 yrs ago with an ex, and I'm still trying to bounce back financially.
    I certainly hope and pray that things begin to turn around for you, and that peace enters your life!

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    @Mr4Sher - I'm only now getting back from Alaska and read your comment. I am sorry to hear of what happened to you. I hope you recover 100% and more.

    Here's the latest on Stanley and Oliver (my brother said they had to have a name) Stanley is the skunk on the left, Oliver is the wedding cake on the right.

    I was just wondering... Stanley looks a little yellowish to me. These plants are getting over 20 hours of daylight right now and plenty of love. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.


  • The plants are growing like crazy. They were just recently topped.


  • If leaves are any indication of how big this plant is going to get (like looking at a puppy's paws to see how big it'll be when it grows up), then this will be a big plant when it's ready to harvest.


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    Here's an update. Stanley and Oliver are growing fast.


  • Can’t wait to see when they’re all grown up and ready to harvest! That leave if indeed HUGE! 😎

  • Weekly update. My brother says there is a chance one of these is a male plant. He will know more this week. They sure are pretty.


  • Looking beautiful!😎🧐

  • Stanley and Oliver are beginning their budding phase.

    This is Stanley

    This is Oliver

  • Stanley and Oliver are very handsome @justaguy! Much more so than their namesakes IMO…though not near as funny!😁. Looking incredible!!😎🧐

  • Gorgeous plants!!

  • Difficult to tell what’s going on from the one photo but looking at the leaf scarring, Oliver seems a little under the weather. Bugs or nutrient burns, hard to tell without standing there. Stanley looks really good, though may be sativa-leaning (hope the growing season in AK supports a longer flower time). I’d give a bit more distance between them while things settle out. Especially if they haven’t sexed yet.

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