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  • I wish I could wave my wand and find that stuff, lol. I better hit up the reggae fests and meet some new people lol.

    Anyway, I will continue to do my best to get more sativas. Going shopping tonight, hope it's a good haul.

  • @MerlinsMagic - You might not come across the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain, but while I was in Alaska, this was the favorite up there.

    It wasn't all that strong on the sativa effects, but was a great mood enhancer. And it gave me superior munchies afterward.

  • I got Alaskan Thunder Fuck from here a few years ago, I'm pretty sure.

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    I did not get any, but ATF was here once or twice @Sixwaychili, but your right it’s been a year or two…maybe three.😎🧐

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    @TheProfessor yeah, I have no idea about the years anymore. Could be last year, could be 8 years ago. lol

    I just remember thinking about buying about 5 whole bitcoins back in 2013 when I was about to start purchasing here. Price was around $200 per. /sigh

    ATF was very strong but it didn't sit right with me. It was more like a getting trashed on alcohol strain than a mellow pleasant time.

  • I need a recommendation for a sativa for work that's on the current menu, friends!
    Just a few that I know, lol

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i would think the Merlin’s outdoor Super Silver Haze or LemonDawg would be great options. Happy Trees Trop Runtz gives me a great sativa hybrid feel. I think @ChunksEggo8187 gave the Headhunter a positive review.

  • @superman38NC @MigraineWarrior79 the headhunter makes me sleepy it starts out with a good balance but in the end it wins and I fall asleep... Excellent flavor smell etc... Im really enjoying it but for me a definite afternoon night strain 😊

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    @superman38NC @Noj81

    Thank ya! 😊

    Anyone try Jack's Cleaner listed as Jack Cleaner?

  • All good choices @MigraineWarrior79! I’d also take a look at the Dip N’ Stix that hopefully @Vapedad78 gets today.🙂. Jacks Cleaner looks good as well…but potentially could be a little sleepy.💤😎🧐

  • Sounds like a plan

  • @MigraineWarrior79 - I was subbed Jack Cleaner when I ordered some Chocolope. I'm smoking some now.

    JC is OK. It gets the job done for me. It is very good to help me with motivation and starting/doing/finishing projects. It is not harsh, but the first hit always seems to produce a short cough. I like it for breakfast and around lunch I'll finish off the roach.

    It is not as potent or long lasting as Chocolope can be, but I just roll another one and that's OK too.

  • @justaguy

    Thank you!
    Now to make a decision, lols 😊💚

  • So far enjoying the dip n stix , interesting flavor that's obviously more intense vaping than combustion but definitely not in a bad way by any means. Not as in your face, almost over bearing, like forbidden fruit but nearly as unique.

  • @Vapedad78

    How's the effects of dip n stix?

  • Gotta have some more scientific tests to go over but so far definitely not upset with what received. I was sampling a little of both so hard to nail down specifics on dip n stix as far as effects go but when it comes relaxing time here shortly this evening I'll see if can get little more FYI out on it in particular @MigraineWarrior79

  • Just got a bunch of sativa and sativa hybrids... look for them on the menu Friday.

  • Did I miss the drop? ☹️🥺

  • You haven’t missed a thing our @MigraineWarrior79!😊 Nothing’s dropped yet…maybe soon?🤞🏼😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Whew! Lol
    Fingers crossed it's soon.

  • Sorry we didn't finish the writeups until late Friday, and MB didn't get them until he came in on Sunday.

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