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With the holidays approaching, would love to see more sativas on the menu. In past years, Loud carried excellent pineapple express, maui waui, dutch hawaiian, durban poison and chocolope/flo sativa strains. Purchased Loud's excellent Godzilla Glue / Kona Gold strain several times this year but didn't get a chance to sample the durban poison strain. Med Mama has also had several memorable sativa strains (Ghost Train Haze) in the past. This request is being made based on a recent adventure to the LA / Orange County area. In my week long trip, the quality and variety of available sativa strains was amazing. In my sojourn, I was able to purchase some truly astounding dispensary strains. Any time you can choose between 3 distinct hawaiian strains (Kona Gold, Kaui Electric, and Maui Waui) by different growers as well as two thai (purple and chocolate thai) sativa strains, good sativa strains should be available sometime to Loud and Merlin in CA and in WA. The flower strains I purchased had no ceiling and the highs were borderline psychedelic and were extremely satisfying. Please try to obtain more sativa strains for the holidays - the racier the better - even if they are expensive. They probably will still sell out quickly... Please try to honor this request so that my fellow sativa lovers / old time heads can truly enjoy the holidays..



  • Cannabis Club had all the great sativas all the time. Loud and Merlin have one or two rarely.

  • Sour D please!!

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    Sativas are much harder to grow, IIRC. Especially the pure ones because they are so large. Probably why they are much more rare.

  • CC had em, but it was dry af, at least the orders I got from them. Boveda didnt help much either. Wouldnt mind seeing some haze again, been awhile.

  • I'm a sativa lover too and agree we need more selection please!

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    The strains I got from CC were not dry @Ease. Maybe just an anomoly. In fact, I just smoked the last of my Green Crack and it was still awesome and that was from 6 months ago.

  • Chocolope! Durban Poison! I'm drooling! More more!

  • CC had some good Jack H for a little while 👍🏼

  • I’ll do my best to source sativas…

    Growers don’t like them as much because they take longer, the buds don’t look as good and are harder to trim.

  • @MerlinsMagic - Thanks for the reply. Based on my trip to CA this year, excellent Sativas should be available in both the SF Bay Area and in the Metro LA area. They had a great selection of quality Landrace strains, including Panama Red, Chocolate Thai, Purple
    Thai, 3 great Hawaiian strains (see my post above), Durban Poison, and Jamaican Lamb's Bread. Could not sample all of them due to time and money. The Hawaiian and Thai Sativas had an exciting high that was memorable, satisfying, and psychedelic. A quarter oz (8 grams) of premium Hawaiian cost about $75.00 but was worth every penny. Must give a shout out to one grower (Korova) because the Hawaiian high was so awesome. Went shopping at Walmart in CA and could not even remember where I had left my shopping cart a few seconds ago - it was only a couple of aisles over! Bright colors, amplified sounds, great euphoria, and wonderful high times. One of the best domestic strains I have sampled in 20 years. Not as good as the original Maui Waui from Hawaii in 1978 but very close. These are exciting strains - every flower session was awesome. They are the reason why I started smoking cannabis! Every young stoner should experience these heirloom sativa strains at least once. I am sure you would sell out quickly with any of these strains. It's hard for me to get excited about the current hybridized Indicas after sampling the soaring Sativa high from one of these great heirloom Sativa strains. Med Man customers would definitely be willing to pay top dollar for these strains - you would probably even have to limit quantities to an OZ or two per customer!

  • @agingboomer I've also been keeping an eye out for original landrace strains. Both indica and sativa... I've only successfully found Hindu Kush, Durban Poison and Lambs Bread. IMO it wouldn't be worthwhile for merlin to source weed that costs him $75 a quarter oz to sell for profit. I'm sure they buy in bulk from their own trusted growers. I could be wrong tho. Wouldn't be the first time, or last. But I too find landraces intriguing to sample and would also jump on some if offered.

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    I’m always keeping an 👀 out for landrace strains @agingboomer some Thai Stick would be nice too 😎

  • Okay my friends I think you are going to be happy. I’ve gone out of my way to find the sativas.
    @agingboomer you lot a fire under my arse and they will be up before the Black Friday sale

  • @MerlinsMagic - Thanks for taking the time to read my commentary and for helping sativa loving customers everywhere have a memorable holiday season. It is high time that Northern California craft cannabis returns to the board. Your efforts are appreciated.

  • @MerlinsMagic Thank you for being so responsive to customer requests. I know I'm looking forward to see what you have found for us. I hope that there maybe some real Blue Dream included.

  • @Billy I completely agree. I got an ounce of the Full Moon that is the best I've ever had. That's the one you're trying to think of. I smoke a lot and one hit is all it takes to get baked, but even then, more is always better.

    Need more!

  • @agingboomer We have some more sativas up, check em out

  • @bluedreamer Bro, I'm looking for blue dream and durban poison. 5 years ago that'd have been easy, but I haven't seem them lately.

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    @MerlinsMagic - My brother in Alaska says he has had good results from these folks> (of course they are out-of-stock on Durban)

  • @MerlinsMagic - Thanks for your efforts to obtain Sativa strains. Loved the Full Moon strain you recently had on your menu. The high was very similar to the Chocolate Thai sticks I enjoyed in 1979. One of the better domestic grown strains.. Growers tend to keep these great Sativa strains for their own personal use. Consumers like me will choose Sativas over Indicas every time

  • Good exotic Sativa is still around just not in bulk like it used to be . I picked up some vg Trump cheery cookies with thc hitting 30 percent from despecery . Didn't think much about it and dam I was wrong it took me on a high flight for 4 hrs off of 2 hits . Reminded me of good SD .

  • @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic During the weekend, smoked about .5 grams of Loud's Lemon Thai strain. Definitely wish I had purchased more at the start of the year. It was still one of the best strains I have ever purchased from Loud in 7+ years. A devastating sativa -the Hawaiian snow plus chocolate thai genetics is awesome. No munchies as well. Also smoked about .5 grams of Merlin's Full Moon strain aka Chocolate Thai. It also was a great sativa producing a 6 hour high - just prefer the Lemon Thai. Full Moon's high is very similar to the 1970's Thai sticks - thank you CA growers. Additionally, Loud had two great Hawaiian sativa strains this year - Dutch Hawaiian and Godzilla Glue - Both were also great long lasting trippy sativas. The quality of all four strains was exemplary - outstanding in bag appeal, smell, and high. There was no ceiling with these strains even with daily use. Fresh sticky big buds were sent to me. Have never even seen Thai strains on the board before. Your efforts to provide a selection of stativa dominant strains is appreciated....

  • @agingboomer I have Pineapple OG from HappyTrees that also has very good sativa effects.

  • Would love to see the lemon Thai return. Dam good smoke ripped me every time .
    Nvr been into indica dominate strains like to be active when I smoke not be a zombie

  • I've been specifically looking for sativas regularly.
    They are harder to grow and trim so people don't really like doing it too much unless we pay more.
    I also prefer them, so as long as we keep asking for it some people will grow em.

  • Iv been paying 350 a oz for a constant supply of sativa worth every penny don't like smoking and going to sleep like with indicas

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    Guys, I just picked up some Mandarin Cookies from my dispensary because I read that it's marvelous for migraines.

    It smells like oranges, tastes amazing, and let me tell you, it delivered on helping with this dozy of a migraine I HAD!

    @HappyTrees @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo

    Can ANY of you guys pretty, pretty please bolo(be on the lookout) for some! I'd probably get like, I don't know 2-3 zips of this stuff! And I'm not a sativa gal by any means!
    The cookies in it must chill out the anxiety or sumthin.


  • Very likely the cookies @MigraineWarrior79! I’ve been researching and trying a lot of sativas with great success lately. Here’s a couple I’d love to see: L’Orange, 92 Cookies, Super Sour Orange, and Grapefruit Sour Dream.😎🧐

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    Those ALL sound amazing just by name! Lol, I'll be researching them. 💚

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