If I make it to this Saturday, I will get my 58th candle.

/random comment


  • Happy early birthday!

    Mine is coming up in Nov, and I'll be 41.

  • Mine will be Oct. 16th Happy Birthday to everyone fixing to be celebrating one!

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    Happy 😊 Early Bday !! I’ll blaze one for ya !! Have everyone puff one lol mine just passed 8/1 I turned 31

  • For my recent 10th birthday, my mom and my dad took me to the library to read about child labor laws. :hushed:

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    Coming up on ya, 58 on Oct 11. Pretty meh in terms of milestones.

    Can I get a coupon code 🤡

  • 57 yesterday. Still in good shape, but I might have the corona? Tested today. Wish me luck!

  • Congrats Virgos! Party party!

    @leaf hope you get well very soon if so.

  • I’m 810 in Great Dane years. Happy bday!

  • 9/14 for me!!!

  • My Dane is 1-1/2 dog years

  • 54 on Oct 11th

  • wait, isn't 1.5 dog years, like.. (1.5 / 7 lol maffs i can tell i'm high now)

    ANYWAYS never you mind . haha.. seems like 1.5 dog years would be like a couple days (or to be exact, a couple months ) . i probably mis-interpreted anyway.

    please disregard!! (oh and my b-day is in February. will be 38 on feb 8th '21 )

  • @leaf really sorry to hear that, good luck!!! my co-worker got it, someone i spend 12 hrs a day with, 6 days a week, in a 10 foot by 12 foot room. i thought i was doomed. I never caught it.... and he was barely symptomatic. so random & weird, this virus.

    prayers your way, friend. hope you are well. (i'm dedicating my next bowl in honor of your health @leaf so i'm afraid there's nothing you can do; your only option is to be in great health & to come out the other side unscathed ) (and it's MAC too so you know it'll

  • 45 on Aug. 11 - Going to start counting backwards when it comes to age number!

  • Guys Im waiting for Loud to drop some newbies as Im itching to purchase some b-day bud. Loud has a tendency to have longer shipping than MM but there bud is fire. Im torn should I wait or should I purchase something now in time for my birthday that's 9/14? Thoughts? @medboy, @medman?

  • This Tuesday means I've been around for 61 years. Happy Birthday to everyone who's birthday is in September, and to those I missed.

  • Early Happy Birthday!!🎂

    How did no one react to that post from the previous @medboy up the thread? 😂

  • Early birthday wishes my friend @justaguy!🥳🎊🎉
    Welcome to the 61 club! It’s a short stay…I’ll be 62 in a couple of months.😳🙄😎🧐

    I don’t remember seeing that post before @OzBaxter…someone should have jumped all over that one!😳🤣

  • @OzBaxter right pretty sure I was around back then but didn't notice it lol friggin hilarious, maybe he was doing the dog years 🤣

  • @OzBaxter I thought the same thing. Poor little guy's 13 now, almost all grown up.

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