Coinmama sucks

I used to use Coinmama for purchases, but today I was informed that I cannot send coin to MedMan's wallet anymore. They wouldn't tell me why so as "not to reveal internal security procedures".

A couple months ago they thought that MedMan was an online gambling site and wouldn't submit my payment until I certified that I was not gambling online. Last month they made me go through the verification process again. Then my bank gave me some hassles. Now, Coinmama says I am free to buy/sell there, just not to MedMan's wallet.

I don't do things like this on my phone, so CashApp is out. I'll try someone else. Anyone have a suggestion?


  • That does suck! We’ve been using Coinbase here without issue for six years @justaguy. Always works instantly and have never had a payment confirmation take more than 30-45 minutes. So much $$$, so much great cannabis!😳😂😎🧐

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    Buy an old phone without cellular that is able to install and run cashapp. WiFi will work just fine and you can even run a VPN. Use your burner phone just for ordering and moving funds via crypto wallet.

  • I'm the same as TheProfessor, been using them Coinbase for years with no issues. Have you tried using a Bitcoin ATM, there's one at the Acme. Why can't you get your own wallet transfer to that then to Med?

  • Pretty sure that medman's wallet changes for every order for anonymity.

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    @justaguy I'd suggest using a free intermediary wallet and sending from the exchange such as Coinmama to that wallet first. Then re-send the crypto from the intermediary wallet to the specified medman wallet. It adds an extra step and some minor additional fees, but is worth the peace of mind imo. Also you don't own the private keys for crypto that is on an exchange like Coinmama or Coinbase, and the saying goes: "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto".

    There are a few solid choices for free intermediary wallets you could use. I've been using Blockchain Wallet for a while but there are probably better ones out there too.

  • Thanks for all the advice, y'all. I'm working on it.

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    Yeah, I just looked through my order emails and every bitcoin address was different. Coinmama is just being weird, probably because they're being influenced by banks and/or government. They're the only ones who can do whatever they want, not us peons.

  • Coinmama did the same to me back a couple yrs ago. I always use cashapp.

  • I'm back! Coinmama said they "had a glitch" and that's why my payments weren't going through. After several emails back and forth, they were all "we're so sorry, the issues have been solved."

    My order went through at record speed, so I guess all is OK with the cosmos, for now.

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