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  • That is awesome! @MerlinsMagic especially if they are running clones. PM is my 2023 fav so far. @TheProfessor congrats! Just saw Ohio is the 24th state 🙌🏻🤙🏻😎

  • @MerlinsMagic very good to hear about that grower sticking with PM. Would like to see it in the premium section, curious to see what that bump does with an already well rounded strain.

  • Outstanding news @MerlinsMagic! Order placed.

  • @TheProfessor I 2nd that! Lol and good looking out and listening to try make that happen

  • @JustDom I think we are getting indoor price on a premium product or at least I remember something like that said. If so plz keep it indoor for the $ 😎

  • I’m personally good with Permanent Marker the way it is!😉😎🧐

  • Not saying move it up to premium but add a premium choice. Like to see the difference in the quality. Got some indoor GMO cookies quite a while ago and was ok. After my oz of PM ran out decided on getting Merlin's GMO cookies premium, big difference with appearance (being better, expected with premium) and the high really stood out for me for sensation and flavor. The price difference from indoor to premium (GMO Cookies) was very reasonable for the uptick in quality of said product. Just like to see what the grower can do with PM.

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    I see what your saying @JustDom taking the current PM to another level would be 🚀. I'm also a huge fan of GMO. The indoor Happy Trees has up looks good

  • @superman38NC Yea I'm just someone who thinks anything can be improved upon. Been leaning towards premium more and more lately. Flavor and effectiveness is what I look for when I vape my flower. Using less product to reach where I want to be is nice.

  • I get it @JustDom. I just can’t find much wrong with that first batch of Permanent Marker. I’m waiting on a couple new ounces (should have landed today, but ID has is sitting in Cincy still for delivery tomorrow) but I still have some left. Five buds weighing in at exactly 15g total. These things are big and beautiful, high THC, and burn beautifully. I honestly don’t know why the grower sold them as “indoor.” Good for us! That said, I’d still jump all over a premium or an ultra premium offering of PM.😉😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor I hear ya. The first batch was something else, the current batch should be the same quality that you are going to receive. I need to look up PM's grow cycle to see how long it takes. There is a reason why peeps on here stand by and advocate this strain. Everything anyone has posted about it is 100% right. It is an excellent all around strain with wonderful notes, bud density and size with a great body and mind buzz and not too stemy. You sir do way better write ups/ reviews than I ever could. If I didn't purchase PM before your write up, would have definitely done so after. Also glad the grower did decide to make it indoor instead of premium, it is hard to take chances on premium and ultra premium with unknown strains I have not tried since I purchase oz's anymore. Before mm introduced this forum I would just go to allbud and leafly to check out reviews on strains so see what the thc level the flower has and its effects. I still do that out of habit, when there is not a whole lot of information in the forum about a product, yet. Anyway need to end this before I ramble on further. Just want to add that I am not here to "stir the hornets nest" as some say but to keep updated with products and anything that is going on with mm. So I am glad I did not upset you or superman38nc with my request for PM premium option. There have been a few colorful people that did cause a stir (in the past) with their attacks/opinions on other forum members, the shippers or even medboy. That is why I only signed up sorta recently (the great bitcoin debacle for their last 420 sale if I remember correctly is when I joined) instead of just lurking on here. My goal on forums is just to get along, meet new people and to get informed along the way. Not to cause any drama, get enough of that at work. 😁

  • I is the dali drama llama

  • @JustDom no drama here my friend! We’re all just here to share our thoughts on this great medicine.
    I still spend a lot of time researching strains before I buy. Like you, I only buy ounces, which does come with its risks. I appreciate your comments and look forward to your thoughts on this next batch of PM. Our order is now showing out for delivery!😁😎🧐

  • Received the renowned Permanent Marker (sorry, late to this party). My review is this…PM is a 2 to 3 hit quiter for sure, loud (sweaty yeti gas armpit) & potent with a slightly sweet, delicious kush flavor. PM should be in everyone’s flower arsenal, especially in need of an octane boost. At an indoor price, PM is some very fine medicine ⭐️. Compliments to the Chef and @MerlinsMagic! Just ordered more.

  • Permanent Marker arrived and its hits as advertised. Thanks for the heads up! Without the forum I would have missed this one. Another order placed so I don't run low during the holidays.

  • Sounds like this second grow is as good as the first @Jaybird922 @buds. I’m expecting ours this afternoon…still waiting on USPS.😎🧐

  • Landed! Received everything we ordered plus samples of Cherry D, Dosilato, Purple Runtz, and a freebie J! The Permanent Marker looks amazing! The buds are smaller than the last batch, but most seem to be in the 2g range with some a little larger and some smaller. All gorgeous!! I’ll have to sample some later! Thanks @MerlinsMagic and thanks @medicineman!😎🧐 You rock!

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    Got my zip this am! Was supposed to show yesterday like yours @TheProfessor but I'd wait a month if I had to for this herb. Just like @Jaybird922 said it's dank and hits hard! I love the vacuum seal job too. @MerlinsMagic you guys are awesome. Fat unsquished buds is what I like 😎.

    I would order more but that would be some form of bud gluttony haha. Is that possible? Besides I'm also sitting on a couple Z's of 🔥 Sour D. Besides PM my other fav strain. Cheers everyone!

  • @medboy @LoudnCo are all the premium tickets correct on menu cause some are more than others I thought loud premium were all the old indoor prices

  • They did an exceptional job of packaging @superman38NC! Our 57g of Permanent Marker came in one baggie, double vacuum sealed perfectly! The buds were a little stuck together, but no squishing at all…perfectly packaged! Definitely more medium sized buds than the last batch, but spectacular nonetheless. I had a young family member from CO over last night. She’s a daily recreational user, mostly dabs, but the PM blew her away! She was very impressed. Did you know that PM got its name from its aroma? I closed my eyes and stuck my nose in the jar…yeah, I can imagine an old school permanent marker!😁. Thanks @MerlinsMagic and please pass our compliments on to your grower! Their Permanent Marker is truly exceptional!!😎🧐

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    Hopefully the grower sees this forum.. if not please give them mad props for PM. @MerlinsMagic thx for acquiring more! Everything about it is darn near perfect! I love that permanent marker nastolgia @TheProfessor I would pay some $ for a clone. But if it comes around quarterly I'd love to keep it in stock. I believe PM was bred by Seed Junky. IMO Strain of the Year. Jealousy 2.0 👏🏻🤙🏻😎

  • I sure hope that @MerlinsMagic can arrange to have PM on the menu regularly @superman38NC , I want to enjoy it!😁🤤 I've got enough to keep me content for awhile, in any case.😉 If OH ends up allowing personal grows, that's good information to have, thanks! I totally agree, "2023 Medicineman Strain of the Year"...and now one of my personal favorites!😎🧐

  • I hear ya @buds! Without this forum I would not have had the confidence to make that very first order here at Medicineman.
    Agreed on the PM as a staple MM offering @TheProfessor and @superman38NC!!! Now, to add variety to my stash…eyeballing that Deam Lotus, what’s that all about…🤔😁

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    That Dream Lotus looks interesting @Jaybird922. It's supposedly an "improvement" on Blue Dream. In the past Blue Dream gave me anxiety, but I'd give this Dream Lotus a try. It sounds 🔥.

    We received three sample buds yesterday. The Cherry Dosi and Dosilato were reviewed above and have been on the menu for awhile. Both are really relaxing and strong. We still have most of a zip of Cherry D that I ordered because of the original sample a couple months ago. The third sample was Purple Runtz. This is really nice. It's labeled "New Flower" like the others, but I don't remember seeing it on the menu. The bud was a dense 2.7g and was a dark green with deep purple undertones, but looked well handled maybe? It smokes nicely and the effects are really stoney and relaxing, while not interfering with my schoolwork or the college game on the tv.👍🏼😎🧐

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    This batch of PM is really strong! My tolerance is up there too. I normally smoke one J at a time. 2-3 sessions is all I can handle with this one. I wont need to order but every quarter or so. I suggest grabbing some if your considering it.

    That purple runtz sounds nice. I'm bout to snag some Cherry Pie soon 😎. Looking forward to these next few months. Fav time of year! 🎄

  • @TheProfessor

    Indeed, I now have an agreement with the grower to keep me stocked up. He has fresh every 3 months at least.

    @JustDom i will probably keep PM in the indoor category because I got it at a great price, direct. It was a toss up which category to put it in honestly, but if there is a huge difference in a batch I’ll get both have a premium too ok?

  • Thanks for the heads up and sounds fine to me@MerlinsMagic. Appreciate the reply.

  • OK, I'm more of a sativa guy. But you all convinced me to jump on the permanent marker train. Ordering some this week. Sounds like it will be a good Thanksgiving strain

  • 😂 @OzBaxter it should be outstanding for Thanksgiving! I’ll be getting stuffed, then hitting the PM and the couch for some football!

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