2023 Holiday Sale! (Code Inside)

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The sale is over and I hope you were able to find something to help you through the holiday season!
Thanks to all who participated!


It's December, so time for one last sale in 2023! Use the code HOLIDAY2023 when checking out to take 20% off of your order total. This sale will only be live throughout December 14th!

NOTE: The price is updated on the page AFTER you click to submit your order! It will show the adjusted cost and the BTC amount to pay

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience through recent technical issues. We appreciate all of you!



  • Main objective down hopefully be back for more later but least I can breathe a little now lol thanks very much and happy holidays in deed

  • Thanks for the second deal! Grabbed a 2z split of Subzero and TropRuntz. Never tried ultra premium before.

    Man those network fees tonight were rough though. Lifted an extra $50 from my wallet, cut the code savings in half. Ah well I’m looking forward to the drop. Happy holidaze🎄

  • Order went through fine. Just one confirmation email but not worries. Fees were not bad for me, just 4 bucks more than discount cost.
    Thanks for the holiday discount. Curious to see how long this will take to receive from USPS during this time of year...🤔

  • Thank you so much for the discount!! Happy holidaze to all!! 🎄☃️🚀💨

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks for the sale. These last two have been some of the most well stocked ones Ive had the pleasure to see.

  • BIG UPS to the entire team here for all the good you do. God bless you all and Happy Holidays!

  • Network fees were a bitch for me today too but the code did help. Grabbed a few sativas, Jet Fuel Gelato and a couple carts from Merlin and going to give those drops a try from Happy Trees. Thanks MM crew!

  • @funkynugz almost did the same split but instead did 1z of UP Cherry Pie Kush and Pushin P. Don't think I've done ultra premium before either.

  • Thanks for the discount medboy

  • Thanks for the holiday discount, ordered some c99 from merlins, Will post pics when it arrives.

  • @G4D2P0 C99 was one of the first strains I bought from here, probably 8 years ago by now. It's a classic.

  • edited December 2023

    Thanks for the Holiday discount. Allowed me to pick from the "top shelf". Merry Christmas.

  • @Sixwaychili yeah hoping I don’t have my expectations set too high, and that it gets here before next Saturday so i can share some with my kid for Xmas.

  • Ohh man just caught it. Was gonna wait till tomorrow ! TY !

  • @Sixwaychili I'm excited to try it. Haven't had a sativa in a while being sticking to indicas lately.

  • I can’t believe I missed it! That will teach me to keep up with you guys. Thanks for doing it all of it. You guys are life savers for sure.

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