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Hey y'all. I've been busy promoting our web site. I came across a bunch of reviews on Trustpilot and was a bit dismayed at our rating. There was some legit complaints about the old medboy (who has not worked for me for a couple months) and shipping (which you can 90% blame USPS for) and a few from competitors trashing us, but my feeling is most people are pretty satisfied with our product and service. If you are can you take a minute and drop a review at We'd sure appreciate it! We're looking for other ways to promote the site. If you have any ideas let me know!


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    Your product and customer service is top of the line. You're expensive on cannabis and about market price everywhere else. It's impossible to trust the reviews here because you have so many strains. There's no incentive for an honest review as it makes the reviewed product sell out faster.

    There should be a per split charge of 5 bucks beyond the first split which starts at a quarter and not a half. It's easier to get variety everywhere else and outdoor bud is 50-100 bucks at your competitors. Ounces on the west coast are as low as 25-50 bucks.

    I will always be a customer but not everyone can be based on the prices and lack of access to the variety that you have the most of.

    You're the best starter cannabis site and white glove site.

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    @mikeyc depends on where you are. For example in a legal California dispensary you might pay $50/$60 for an eighth. In Oregon way cheaper. For online competition I can't speak to price because it's all over the place, but where I know I beat most of them is honesty. If I can't show you a mail delivered tracking number then I will reship. We also try our best to get the best quality available. It's why some customers have been with me over years. Honestly I have no idea about the bad experiences of some of these people. Our product is "dispensary quality". We actually get very few complaints about quality. But I do know there is a bias towards people who have bad experiences complaining. Anyways thanks for the suggestions.

  • @medman I didn’t realize we had a new medboy. He has pretty helpful lately.

  • The whole team killing it and I'd seen that trust pilot site forever ago but my buddy pointed me in this direction and obviously trusted him more than those reviews although I haven't checked back in couple years at least I'd say has to be haters and competition posting the negativity or someone tried a site close in name got burned and decided throw it on yall possibly? 🤷‍♂️

  • @medman what % of your customers value based on legal dispensary prices vs market prices? What % of your target market cares about legal dispensary prices?

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    I can definitely leave a positive review on trust pilot. Been using the site 2019. Overall very happy with the quality of products. Few hiccups but who doesn’t exp that anymore. You guys always make it right!

    Suggestions-I think a preroll section would clean up the menu. Especially Louds which over half of the flower section is some sort of preroll. As far as pricing I only use one other site. On there I can get an Ultra- P equivalent for around $140 a 1/2. Also I feel the smalls should be a better deal. Other site I can grab a 1/2 of great quality smalls for $60-75 a 1/2. With that said you guys do offer the best bulk discount moving past an oz. Also the splits are usually honored which I appreciate. Just my 2 cents.

  • DONE!!! Was the least I could do for the service you provide!!!

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    Done !!!!! Had to throw in Medman Always Delivers!!!

  • Thanks all!

  • @MikeyC Good point I suppose it's only about 20% if I had to guess, but market prices assumes you know someone who can get it at all. My customer base tends to be a little older on average. Many people just want it for a medical condition but can't get it elsewhere. Our prices are based on me, the shippers and the growers/product creators all making a good living for not only the work but the risk we take. If I was the grower selling it I could sell it for a lot cheaper.

  • I have been around for a while now. Thank God I found you all, before Covid hit. Have recommended this site to a few family members and few friends of mine. Just recently one of them ordered for the first time and it was a real shitty bag they received. I told them to send an email, to let you all know, (if they didn’t I was going to) because you will, most of the time, make it right. You did reship and they were extremely happy with the reship.
    We live in a state where bud is not legal. We have been here 14 years and still have never found a good connection. I found you guys actually, on trust pilot, after getting ripped off a few times, of course. I only order, from here, and one other site. They have a lot of specials. Like right now they have a BOB, bottom of the bag, an ounce for 80 bucks. It’s the bottom of all the bags, mixed. They have smalls for 65 a half. Sometimes, or a lot of the time lately, finances are rough and I have to go where the deals are. The other thing is and I know there are always issues with usps, and it’s not always, on the shippers end, but I order from the other site and it’s like clockwork. Package goes out the same night and I have it two days, very rarely three days later, in my mailbox. Also, anything over a hundred bucks is free shipping. Sometimes that ten bucks, for me, makes a big difference. I know you guys have lowered your prices since I’ve been around, but maybe have more specials, instead of just the usual holiday sales.
    The customer service on medman is superb no doubt. I remember the old medboy, didn’t really have a bad experience with him, but the new dude is, on point. Really does a good job dealing with people. I wrote a review for you guys and will continue to recommend you all.

    PS please don’t ask about the other site, I won’t disrespect medman here by giving competitors info out.

    Thank you for what you do. As an old timer, that loves her bud, also, a cancer Survivor, you all have helped me tremendously.

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    Trustpilot isn't really all that reliable of a source. A couple of years ago I got scammed off a site that had good reviews there. I think a lot of the reviews are posted by the scammers themselves, promoting their site while downgrading others. As always, buyer beware. Still glad I found this place! Although I agree with @Rubygirl816 sometimes that $10 shipping fee makes me hold off, especially if bitcoin happens to be charging a large fee on top of it at the time.

  • We've been talking about lowering the shipping price. The thing is it actually cost more than $10 to ship!

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    I have never left a comment, especially in my 6 years + using these fellas. Medman is the ONLY way I'll go. Every hiccup they've taken care of. Lowering prices each year, more amazing products, and even better service! I cannot believe the nuts (and brains) on some of those people criticizing,!! you all provide us with an invaluable service that j cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart! Keep doing your thing, you're loved and appreciated medboy and medman!

  • ah thanks @cjm and everyone else who wrote a review

  • I wrote one but it showed my name and I had to delete. At my age computer skills are too weak.

  • Lol. It’s all good. I’ll promote you guys anyway I can. Without blowing too much smoke, you guys are pretty decent.

  • I had not heard of Trust Pilot before this thread but I will most certainly leave a glowing review! I found these awesome folks through a sub-reddit when searching for safe places to order from, and/or if that even existed. I am one of those "older" customers @medman spoke of, so I am really not up to speed on the whole online dispensary stuff, and i was surprised to find out there are as many as there are! Medicineman was mentioned the most, so I messaged a couple of people to find out exactly how safe it is...I didnt care about getting ripped off...I just didnt want to go to prison...can you even use bitcoin in prison? Anyways, they both hit me back assuring me that the packaging was such that I dont have to worry at all about being arrested. Hopped on the ol MM website and read everything i could on how to do stuff correctly. Medboy was super kind enough to help guide my old ass through my first purchase. Man I was so nervous!! It arrived about a week later and I was literally shaking because I just knew that the feds were hiding in the yard waiting for me to check my mailbox! I get my package (no cops!!!) and open it to find triple vacuum sealed goodies inside. I couldn't smell a thing until I got to very last bag. And even then I had to really concentrate to smell anything. Stellar packaging! Absolutely top notch! That was almost two years ago and I have been ordering religiously every month since. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am shopping for my orders here. Every single product I have ordered has been fantastic. I have ran into a couple of USPS hiccups as of late (the facility in my town is a bit third world...well the state i live in is third world really) but @medboy and the vendor took care of everything and made quick work of it. Even if my state were to legalize, which they wont....ever, but if they did, I will still always order from here. The business practice is such that it makes you feel like family and the website is a literal pleasure to shop through. I love everything about medicineman and all of this long winded hogwash just to say how thankful and grateful I am for you good folks and your hard work and I will be sure to let Trust Pilot know!
    By the way, I read that y'all are doing away with the shipping cost? That wont effect the packaging I hope?

  • I left a review on Trustpilot for you! I've been here for 6 months. The long-winded hogwasher @Schip420 above referred me to your site. I love your products and am thankful for the service you guys provide! I've already recommended your site to several friends, family, and clients. Some feedback I've received suggests the website is visually clunky and overwhelming. I agree with the suggestion of a menu clean-up. I think the website deserves a new and efficient experience, in a less-is-more way (like a lot less scrolling). I just tried all of your scammer-beware websites, and all but one link is non-existent or the browser issues an immediate security warning. The whole list and disclaimer could go. Or move it all to a new 'About Us' tab? My referrals are coming with faith. Also, a client would ask me why THC% isn't listed within descriptions. We're stressed-out, achy professionals ranging between 40 and 70'ish-year-olds and residing in an illegal state. Also, I like seeing that a portion of the proceeds are donated to worthy causes. Still? Or is this outdated too? Maybe add links to those organizations? And move to the Order Form tab? My thought is this could generate more donations from your customer base. Either way, it should be more visible. @Schip420 walked me through the Bitcoin process and I was like 'Oh. That's it? That was easy!' Order instructions should be easier to understand...Currently, it's a lot and confusing. That said, I did work around all of this regardless. You are invaluable! Current customers, I believe, are the best promoters. Some need incentives—friends & family discount?

  • thanks @schip420 and @kittie Those are some great suggestions you've made kittie. Our site is definitely showing it's age. We actually designed it specifically to look amateurish to not draw unwanted attention... We have a lot larger inventory now and its getting a bit unwieldy. The thing is that I get a crazy amount of hackers trying to break into the site and before this site they were finding all kinds of vulnerabilities. This site is 8-9 years old (or around that) and has been rock solid security wise. Unfortunately the guy who programmed it for me is no longer available. My current tech guy can't build a new site from scratch so hopefully I'll eventually find a programmer I can trust to make me a new site. I need to know someone well because if I don't know them at all they could easily slip in code and one day take off with a bunch of bitcoin! Programming in good security is what makes everything complicated. I wish I could just use a regular old shopping cart. That's also the issue with incentive programs...they pretty much need programming...But I am looking....I will look into changing that sidebar stuff and maybe making new categories so less scrolling. And we have considered testing all the weed for thc levels. It adds extra work and in my opinion a home test would not be very accurate... but maybe...And yes I still do donate 10% (actually more) to various charities! They vary a lot...mostly to whatever is current so can't really list specific ones. Anyways thanks for the feedback!

  • Other than word of mouth, are there any other ways we can help you promote the site? I'm committed to your covert success!

  • @kittie thanks for the offer of help! A few years back we had a promo where we offered store credit in exchange for posting up an "unboxing video". We'll probably do that again soon. Also feel free to drop our names in any relevant internet discussions or forums. Open to ideas on promoting if you have any.

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