Does RSO feel like other edibles or more powerful?



  • @sixwaychili. that was a weird anomaly. It's fixed now. thanks for the catch!

  • Least 10x stronger works out to a big discount since will only need a 10th as much per dose now but yeah getting hit unexpectedly with too much thc can be a beast in itself

  • I would love to try it especially on a couple of skin problems. I have had skin cancer spots. However, is there enough? There are people who need it more than me.

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    @Vapedad78 I wouldn't read too much into my comment about the strength considering she took about 300+ mg, which is a pretty insane amount to the average person, even someone with a high tolerance. You start out with 1/2 grain size of rice size dose. She eats it between two slices of banana and the dose completely covers the banana.

    Lets put it this way, she can no longer get high, her tolerance is so high except with this RSO and it's not really a pleasant high that we all know. I haven't even tried it myself.

    Further research is leading us to moving away from RSO because hormone-based breast cancer can actually be made worse by too much THC because it causes the body to produce more hormones which is what causes that version of breast cancer to begin with. We've found actual cannabis nurses through a facebook group with thousands of members that we're going to consult with. THC still has a place in treating pain, sleep, appetite and anxiety, but at a much lower dose. All the other cannabinoids are what help the most so we'll probably switch to high CBD doses once we consult with the nurse.

    All I can say is that the world fucking sucks that we can't have actual funded science that is trying to heal people instead of looking at people's health problems as money trees for corporations. Finding information that can be trusted is so damn hard it's insane. There are liars and scam artists absolutely everywhere, most of it working for big pharma which is doing everything they can do to never allow people to be healed. The rest of the scam artists are just trying to prey on people who don't trust big pharma by selling nonsense. Absolutely everything that sucks on this planet is caused by the incentive of making more money when making problems worse.

  • @leaf There's enough, I'm getting more mid month and it should work great on the spots. I have family members that were supposed to go into surgery for removal that then had the surgeries canceled because the spots were gone!

  • @Sixwaychili Blessings to your wife's healing, let us know what works. Sounds like an intense journey, and totally on the same page about pHARMa. I didn't know about the issues with breast cancer specifically, and will make a note on the description. Can you share a resource around that?

    A baseline that I've heard is that cancer can't exist in an alkaline environment, so researching how to do that might be fruitful. Best of luck whichever route you all choose.

  • @MerlinsMagic thank you. I’ve had squamous cell removed and I have a couple of suspicious places. Prayers for sixway.

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