Does RSO feel like other edibles or more powerful?

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When RSO is ingested does it have a similar onset and high compared to other edibles? Been wanting to try it for awhile but always end up getting more flower... Any and all feedback appreciated!!!


  • I would say more powerful... Like a high dose of phenobarbital. A little goes a long way.

  • "Full spectrum edibles are made with RSO, otherwise known as Rick Simpson Oil. RSO is a whole plant cannabis concentrate oil that maintains the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plant. Unlike edibles made with distillate, full spectrum edibles allow the consumer to experience the desired effects of a Sativa or Indica strain."

  • Genetics also plays a part on how edibles work for you.

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    @antfuzz @TreesPlz Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering if the effects of RSO is more comparable to the effects of edibles or smoking/vaping flower or dabs???

  • "One of the biggest factors setting RSO apart from concentrates, like BHO and Co2, is the terpene profile. This process typically uses a grain alcohol to slowly extract the terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a full bodied terpene profile. Since terpenes are the factor that determines the scent, flavor, and physical effects, RSO takes full advantage of the plant’s beneficial properties while also providing a more robust flavor."

  • The only answer is it will depend on YOU. However, I can tell you vaping or combustion of flower is very much different from edibles. Now if others say they're the same and some say it's better and some say they get nothing from edibles, that should tell you you have to figure it out for your own body. Same for concentrates.

  • You want the terps or do you just want the buzz?

  • Rso is super potent compared to standard dose edibles, downside is it taste horrible. I dosed rso at about the size of a penny and was completely wasted for hours. I found it best taken between 2 slices of banana and try to swallow without it touching your tongue. The onset and high are similar to edible but stronger

  • Search RSO in this forum.

    Fwiw, it’s not meant to be recreational. I bought many syringes from medmama back in 2018 for my mother’s stage 4 cancer. Tried some after she passed and despite my usual high tolerance it was way too strong and just made me feel fukn awful. Typical med dose to start is about the size of a rice grain. Tread lightly. YMMV.

  • Just ordered Merlins Discount Organic RSO Blend... Along with more of HTs Slurp Syrup. I think I forgot to include what flavor if Slurp but oh well. Also copped an eight of that Blue City Diesel everyone's talking about....

  • It's meant to be medicinal not recreational but yea is super potent.
    It can also be applied topically to precancerous & cancerous spots on the skin.

    Several people were scheduled for surgery and got to cancel their appointments due to the rso working.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll definitely be careful. Gotta try it at least once tho!!!

  • @Mr4Sher how did you end up liking that and trying to see how much difference between the discount organic rso vs regular rso listed if anyone has any input

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  • I use it medicinally it's not good for recreation in my opinio? It basically just puts you to sleep
    I have never tried the discount one.

  • I'm using the discount RSO which is blue Dream for a few weeks now. I don't notice much psycho effects at all and take about a nickel size 3 times a day. I do notice significant improvement in nerve related pain.

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