Happy 4/20

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy 4/20 to everyone!!! I hope everyone has an enjoyable day today and is able to celebrate as they want.
Thank you to the whole crew from Medicineman for the sale!!! You guys do great things and I don't know what I would do without the service you provide.
I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend.


  • @Thatguy I second this! Very appreciative of the whole Medicine Man crew!

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    Well said @Thatguy @medman @LoudnCo @medboy @HappyTrees @MerlinsMagic you guys rock!! Hands down best menu I've seen to date since I've been a member. The options, no shipping fees, and sale today is why I ❤️ you guys. One day I hope to shake your hand and burn one down!

  • Great cannabis always makes for a great day! I’ve been rocking some old Blue City Diesel all day and doing yard work. As always, thanks @medicineman for all you do, including this great forum. Happy 4/20 everybody! 😎🧐

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    Happy 420 @TheProfessor ! What did you order today?

    I ordered 4 tins of gummies, a live resin vape and a live rosin vape from merlin. I almost got some Jealousy from loud, but I'm so full of flower right now.

    I just got home from work so I'm about to start up. Going way back to some Full Moon, which is surprisingly still in decent shape when it's at least a year old by now.

  • Thanks for the nice words everyone! Happy 420!

  • Hey @Sixwaychili as @superman38NC noted it’s a really pretty menu. But, I’m well stocked with edibles, vapes, and so much flower. That, and I’m a dinosaur and don’t want to play with BTC at the moment. I’ve got several strains near or over a year old. I just change the Boveda when needed! We’re into some Sunset Sherbet for the evening…and the wife wants a fire outside…beautiful night for it here!😎🧐

  • Happy 420 y'all! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!

  • Was decent hopefully everyone else's was as well. now, I'm looking forward to the order now so can refill almost empty jars 🤣🤷‍♂️

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    @Vapedad78 right?! Looking forward to filling my jars tomorrow with Sour D and possibly Lamb & Purple Runtz. Hope to get more Jealousy from Loud with a split of GSC too. Great selection and prices this 420! Big thx to all

  • @superman38NC right on! Sounds good on your end, I ended up requesting the UP perm marker and UP jealousy which had recently and was good but asked for 4 way split with indoor diamond of and gelato 33🤷‍♂️ so we'll see if get different in but fingers crossed for you as well and rest the form

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    Dang am I bummed 🙁 @medboy @MerlinsMagic Got my 420 Merlin order which should have been 1.5 oz of UP Sour D. Did get my 1/4 each of UP Lambsbread and Purple Runtz so thx for that (not all complaints)..the gut punch was getting subbed 1.5 oz of GH Blue Dream. sent MB an email. I wish me and Blue Dream got along but unfortunately we don’t jive. Sour D on the other hand is hands down my fav strain. That’s why I ordered as soon as the code dropped. It stayed on the menu for 2-3 days after. It happens but darn I would have been happier with at least an UP substitute or Sour D!! ok rant over

  • Dang @superman38NC that is a bummer. I expect the same thing will with my Merlin order. I did receive my UP PM from Loud today. I am very pleased as this batch is more smooth and not harsh. Some fine medicine for sure 👍, a bit dry but is now basking with Boveda.

  • All good! @Jaybird922 bummed yes..but @medboy already taking care of things. Thx for the quick response btw! Hopefully there is a secret stash of Sour D laying around 🙏🏻

  • @superman38NC we just got more SD. We already sent you a bomb replacement, Im not sure why the crew missed the no sub piece, but we definitely took care of it. Feel free to gift your friends the Blue Dream as it's a good one generally. Send a message with your next order and I'll get you a complimentary 1/8 of the Sour

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