New to bitcoin

Can anyone help me with bitcoin? I see the money I bought months ago, I have a bitcoin wallet, but the money isn't showing up in my wallet.



  • Which platform are you using? I don’t even know if that information would allow people to help you, but it’s hard to even take a stab at it without more basic info.

  • Are you using Coinbase?

  • I think Vince is right; you must be using Coinbase! Only they would submit you to such an unreasonable hold, I think.

    We keep a list of alternative services here:

  • coinbase is evil. their hold times are pretty ridiculous. used them on my 1st transaction and quickly realized they are bad news. BUT have you sent the coin from where you bought it (ie, conbase) to your wallet?

  • I found if I use my debit/bank card in Coinbase it goes through almost instantly, but if I use my checking account information it takes sometimes 2 weeks to clear. I only use my card now. I have a nationwide bank.

  • Yeah, with coinbase I only use debit/bank card. Instant availability.

  • Considering the daily btc volatility I prefer keeping my fees low. I looked at a btc ATM and they wanted 16% plus miners PLUS they mark up the coin itself. Instant has its advantages but geez...

  • Use coinmama they are the best I have found .

  • Coinmama doesn’t trade in my state. Added to the hopeful list.

  • I use Coinbase and it is a pain buying Bitcoin, as it takes almost a week for the funds to clear. However now that MM accepts Litecoin, that only took like a day to clear. Try buying that instead.

  • Good advice! I honestly didn't know that Coinbase had that difference between cards and checking accounts.

    Part_time is right, we do accept Litecoin now! Many customers find that it's easier to use.

  • For acquiring BTC I recommend Cash App. Easy and fast. Best mobile wallet I’ve found is Edge. It’s very secure. Also is multi-coin. If anyone has crypto related questions I’m happy to help you. It’s the future of money!

  • How do you do though cash app? I have the app but so do not know how to put the wallet in there.

  • If you verify your account info (ID, email, etc) coinbase will give you a decent weekly debit/cc draw, and it's fast. The fees are....acceptable-- I paid $7 on a $180 buy this week, which is 3.8%.

  • Not happy with bitcoin right now, already lost 40 dollars in value during the 10 day coinbase waiting period. I'll try litecoin next time. This is definitely not easy to figure out and I'm technical.

  • I have been waiting 3 weeks now for Coinmama to review my application, even after I sent them an email wondering if there was a problem with it. They told me they "are busy and will get to me as soon as possible". I suppose this is a blessing in disguise as the value of BC has dropped about 10% since I sent my application in.

    Which got me to wondering... what if, in the time from my order being placed to it being filled, the value of the bitcoin dropped a little, would my order still go through?

    Is it acceptable to add a couple of $ to cover any price fluctuation?

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    With Coinbase I try to keep my actual $$$ on the US dollar card until I’m making a purchase (unless I’m trading to get gains during market flux). This way the volatility of the BTC market doesn’t deplete my funds. (No charge to upload it to that card until you convert to BTC). The hold times are long (14 days through my linked bank account) you can still take advantage of the market, just can’t remove it from their platform until the hold is complete. You can shorten it by knowing when it turns midnight in London. 6 p.m. EST is 11:00 p.m. London time. By doing it before midnight you are knocking off a day at the beginning. By watching and doing withdrawals after midnight London time on the last day you can essentially knock off 2 days (47 hours or close enough to it). I hope my info helps/makes a little planning you can have a constant influx of BTC. My security features on my card make me have to call and pre-approve any International transaction, coming from a small town (and knowing the bank manager personally) at times I’m more comfortable holding out for the 14 days than calling, getting the pre-approval and being asked, “What are you buying from London? How much are you spending? How are your kids? Did you hear....etc...??? (Got on a tangent)

  • Hi JustAGuy, you have a great question so let me address it.

    The answer is... no! When you submit an order through our site, at that moment your total magically converts from US dollars to Bitcoin. At that point, what we say is your Bitcoin total (for example, 0.1 BTC), is the total you have to pay! Exactly! So if you place an order with a total of 0.1 BTC and because of delays from Coinbase or Coinmamma or someone like that you only end up with 0.99 BTC, that means you don't have enough to pay your total.

    This means two things. First and most important, it means that you should always make sure you have your cryptocurrency ready to pay first, and only then place your order.

    Second, it means that if for some reason you find yourself in the situation you describe, in which you have an order open but not enough BTC to send because Bitcoin has gone down in value -- then you should abandon the old order and start over with a new one. If you think about it, this is really just saying the same thing as #1 (have your payment ready first).

  • Man I'm so glad I read this thread--I can't believe it never occurred to me to buy (approximately) the needed btc before placing the order; makes such obvious sense! Been doing this ass backwards for years! :tongue:

  • Always put a buffer amount into your purchase plans. It’s a crap shoot buying coin, as we all just witnessed with the bear roaring big time today.

    I keep like $60usd in coin available at all times for fluctuations between when I buy coin and actually get it. For my usual spends that’s about 10%. Been using Glidera with a BRD wallet. Works A+, aside from one delay usually get coin using ACH within 5 business days. Lots of hoops to jump but they’re all like that.

    Aside from the usual fees charged both in and out, I’ve lost money on every coin transaction so far except one. But when using coin to buy stuff it’s best not to focus on that 😆 just hope you time things right.

    The only real limiting factor with coin is don’t get all happy about a particular strain or concentrate and then go buy your coin. I’ve returned to order and what I wanted was sold out. No big deal really since there’s a big selection here most days. So I just shop once my coin arrives and pay immediately. Easy peasy.

    The jars are stocked quite well at the moment so am content to be sitting this btc downturn out for a spell. Might be a good time to buy I guess. Then again who really knows?

  • Anybody else triple check all their send coin info then take a deep deep breath and hold it before mashing that SEND button? man the shit that stresses me out some days 🤣

  • I've felt that pain myself.

    I've also found, though, that most of my frustration was from the service I was using (Coinbase, Coinmamma, etc.). When I use my own wallet, I get much better results. You can download a free software wallet by searching for Mycelium, Electrum, Exodus. Those are 3 of my favorites anyway.

  • I appreciate the feedback to my question.

    I will use my own wallet and just transfer BC that way rather than using any kind of direct transfer, and buffer against the active trading values there.

  • Going through the process myself recently, I have Coinbase ties into a savings account. I bought Litecoin, but there’s officially a 5 day holding period. After that I was able to sent it instantly, but that was a crazy 5 days with this market.


  • Just installed cash app. Is there a hold period?

  • Good call on CashApp. I installed it first and then decided to go fancy and ignored it. Moving cash into the app is pretty much immediate as was the coin buy. Just need to wait for everything to move through the chain (ie to your wallet) before sending to MM. good way to not lose your entire shirt on the volatility nowadays. Still manages to always be less coin than you buy though. Oh well. Gotta stabilize sometime here!

  • Ha! It was just as I thought. I bought some BC this morning, and in the few minutes it took that order to be processed, the value of the BC went up 2%. That almost covered the fees for the transaction.

    I will say that even though the whole idea of Bitcoin is new and seemingly confusing, after I educated myself and now have actually gone through the process, it wasn't all that big of a deal after all.

  • It can be great or it can suck. This time last year everyone was trying to hold on to their Bitcoin as long as possible so they could get huge discounts on their orders. This year the key is to spend it as fast as possible!

  • CBDUser420: My understanding is the cash app does require verification which generally takes 5-10 days.

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