The selection is getting very low . Is it going to pick up anytime soon


  • Good question. Looks like they're slowly closing up shop.

  • Yeah I’m scared too!

  • I just added a bunch of new products!

  • I won't buy from loud so it leaves basically 5 choices from med mama. No thanks. When they start offering some potent stuff (GG, Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies and Cream, etc) I'll be back.

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    @JaymeeG . Can I ask why u dont like loud? I bought the purple urkle and I didnt care alot for it. Just basically put me to sleep.

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    Im with you jaymeG .

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    It always takes 3-5 days longer to get products from loud than from med mama or even med love when they were around. Not like I live far from any of them either. And they've substituted other stuff more than once even though they continued to advertise the product for 4-5 days after they got my payment. You'd think they'd scribble a note saying "sorry, ran out but we added a few extra grams to make up for it." Nothing. Medboy was less than sympathetic. Said "lesson learned." Med love once sent me SEVEN extra grams and apologized for having to send smalls since they ran out of full sized buds. Loud has decent products but just don't care for the service. Just sayin...

  • Coming from someone who basically only orders from L&C, they have kinda dropped in quality a bit recently. Like I brought up, I ordered BSC & there was not a single large hug in there. It’d be nice for them to label as smalls because I didn’t particularly want smalls. Or, like said above, if they are only giving smalls maybe toss in an extra bit. Along with that, the edibles always are such a hit & miss from L&C. Some times they give a slightly noticeable affect, most of the times not any affect is there. Hell I’ve had non-stoner friends try them to just to see, they don’t even catch a buzz off them 90% of the time. While I think they are still a great shipper, with great products, they need to clean up stuff a bit more, and be a bit better about everything.

  • How do you know who your buying from?

  • This is great feedback, thanks everyone. I'll share it with the shippers, especially Loud.

    Re: wntpce -- actually, I don't. I've never met our shippers, I don't know their names and I don't know what they look like.

  • Wntpce on the ordering website the stuff available from Loud and MedMama are separated on each product category page 👍

  • Np I meant. Like this one is named Indoor Blue Diesel
    I don't see who ships that. But I do understand what Funkynugz mentioned

  • How are the vape cartridge refills? Easy to use? Does any get wasted in the transfer? Just curious as I have never tried. Hate to waste the money..

  • Ive noticed that loudco seems to take longer to ship but Ive figured its the California post system.

    On informed delivery it will say awaiting item until about 2 days before I get it, sometimes either a day before or after the estated time. It seems like they just throw everything on to a plane at the last minute.

    That said its still usually under a week

  • Hi Mojo, I find that the refills take a little practice. The syringe doesn't fit inside the cartridge, so you have to unscrew the tip and hold the syringe against the lip of the reservoir while you plunge it in. And you can't fill it all at once, you have to wait for it to fall down into the reservoir before giving it another plunge.

  • I just ordered Purple Erkle on the third and even over the holiday weekend, I got it on the 9th shipped to the east coast. Usually loud takes me 6 business days to get. I like this strain just fine. Motivates me rather than puts me to sleep, but I’m odd in that I want to get to work after partaking in any strain whether sativa or indica dominant.

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