Which is best

Outdoor Kosher kush or outdoor purple urkle.

I recently ordered my sample nug. It was Gelato. I didn't get the high I expected.
Which of these 2 above is the best?


  • That's a tough call. Probably the kosher.

  • That is what I just placed an order for

  • A tough call as in these are iffy for the thc content?

  • I'll stop asking all these questions once I find the right strain for me.

  • I havent tried the kosher kush but I got purple urkle and was no head high just super sleepy. On the other hand I really enjoyed the gelato and miracle alien cookies.

  • The gelato gives me no head high. It does allow me to eat. Which I really need! I feel like it kinda gave a little bit of energy.
    I just ordered outdoor Kosher Kush and I'm nervous

  • Thanks for your input

  • Thank you for yours!

  • Let us know how the kosher is!

  • Funny, the gelato from mama was one of my favorite strains from this site. It’s the only one I’ve ever reordered. This current batch may be different I guess. Goes to show that not all strain reviews may be totally accurate when it comes to personal use experience.

  • I ordered and paid yesterday, not sure what's going on with my order. No confirmation yet.

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    Wntpce, I've read a lot of your comments and post , I wasn't going to respond to any but I need to respond to this one where you say you will stop asking questions when you find the right strain. You need to do some research and learn, your never gonna find the right strain! Just because you order kosher Kush today and it works for you doesn't mean the next batch of kosher Kush is going to be the same or give you the same affects as this batch. There is no uniformity when it comes to weed just because they have the same names doesn't mean it is the same!! As previously explained you can buy sour diesel on the East Coast and sour diesel on the West Coast and they are totally different but yet they have the same strain names. If you're looking for one specific strain to cure all your problems you're not gonna find it this isn't the answer for you , you need to go to the doctor and probably get prescriptions for all your needs, that's the only way you're going to get uniformity. Also if you live in a state that has medical marijuana dispensaries then maybe you need to go get a medical card and then go to dispensaries they can help you a lot more than trying to get information from people on the web.

  • Flapples. Hello. Thank you for your response.
    I am actually on a lot of medication for my illnesses/diseases.
    Even though I am on a lot of meds, I like to smoke m.j. because it helps.
    I am also anorexic and it helps so much for me to get an appetite.
    And there are no dispensaries around me.

  • Just saying you think you're going to find the perfect strain but that's never gonna happen not with marijuana , at least right now, maybe when tobacco companies Or pharmaceutical companies finally get involved?? But right now there are too many variables! Growing conditions, seeds, growers, how was harvested, was it grown in soil? Was it growing in water? Was it indoor? Was it grown outdoor?, greenhouse? Organic ? and so on. You can take 2 of the same seeds from the same plant grow them in different conditions & environments which is what happens in reality, and even though they are the same seeds and they're both gonna be called let's just say OG Kush? they are probably going to be different , hell you can buy 10 seeds called OG Kush And you have no idea where those 10 seeds came from or the history. You just don't know and the descriptions that you see on this website, well most of those descriptions come from leafy and even Medboy will tell you you can't go with that because a lot of those reviewer's are from the West Coast and what I can get out here on the East Coast of the same strain doesn't even compare. So point is, good luck trying to find your perfect strain at this point in time I don't believe that's going to happen, at least not with any consistency.

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