Comparing vapes to flower

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Has anyone ever figured roughly out how much flower equates to 1g of vape oil? I have bought the vapes before, but am trying to figure out how to save some money and if one of the forms is much more expensive than the other because it's so hard to figure out, especially since I have both around and smoke them in different quantities.

I will say the first time I vaped, I took a monster hit and thought I was going to die coughing and then may have actually figured out how high is too high. But after that, these 1g cartridges last for freaking ever. It seems like they never run out if you keep hitting it even when they look like they're out. The vapes do seem a littler harsher on my lungs but that is balanced out by not taking as many hits.


  • Here's a good rule of thumb: vape oil will be between 3-4 times as potent. 4 times if typical, 3 if premium. So multiply by 4 and you get a rough idea of the conversion.

  • Question about the vapes. Do you sell a kit? I do not own a vape pen or anything and I'm not sure whatI would need to get for it if not sold here.

  • Yes, Med Mama offers one. It's called the "variable voltage vape pen" and it's available for $20, the same as our cost. And often, if you order a decent amount of cartridges and ask to get one for free, she'll be happy to include one.

  • Oh that is nice!!! Thank you!!

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