New to Vape

I have never had a vape before. I know this is in the discussion board, but I have my own questions.
1. Which are the best vapes to get? I am looking for one with an appetite stimulant.
2. How long does your vape usually last you? I have read where some say the vape lasts longer. So, I am willing to try.


  • IMO you can't go wrong with Gelato!
    I agree. Vaping is inherently more efficient than smoking, so the cartridges last longer even if they have the same amount of medicine.

  • I think I've had the same 1g vape on my vape pen for the last month. But I also smoke or dry vape flower. The vapes seem to last forever. Even when they look empty, I can still get hits off it.

  • Thanks!!

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