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  • @Pugltop Yeah man who knows.. Medman&Medboy do say this though and advise to order well in advance of when you’ll need new meds so they’re being as transparent as they can. It’s really just USPS has been such shit for over a year now.
  • @ChunksEggo8187 I also love ur pfp so much lmao. My favorite part of that episode is when they go try to open the gate at that facility and towlie’s like “I know the code!” But he can’t get it, and he tricks the boys into letting him smoke because h…
  • @ChunksEggo8187 Hey I appreciate it brother (or sister idk lol) and for real. I got two zips of the last batch of Purple Punch. Ok… ONE, the shit looks incredible (per the picture someone posted recently) 😂 TWO, the shit smells incredible, THREE, I’…
  • Oh my God I can’t believe it 😱 they actually came back and delivered. Hell just froze over, and I’m about to get stoned to the bone lol. That shit had me SO pissed 😠 CHEERS TO ALL (and thanks for always letting me vent about USPS 👍)
  • You guys wanna hear the fucking shittiest thing ever? My package was out for delivery at 8:45am, the mail truck came and went, no package. Still out for delivery on ID. Called local P.O., the guy just went “hmmm.. let me call the carrier and I’ll ca…
  • @Pugltop Sweet! Glad to hear it man. Hopefully USPS doesn’t take fvcking forever
  • While I haven’t tried the purple punch moonrocks, I had some of Louds regular moon rocks maybe 6 months ago or so and they were underwhelming. I hope this batch is better!
  • WOW THAT LOOKS AMAZING! Hopefully it sticks around long enough for me to get more $$$ on Monday lol
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  • @Rubygirl816 LOL. So I filled out that thing earlier today, and just saw a scan of it showing up at my local dist center ;P Probably would’ve happened either way, but I complained a lot in my help request so at least that’ll add to the list of compl…
  • @Rubygirl816 I appreciate it I filled out that help thing and it said I’d get an email in 1-3 days after investigation or something. I didn’t know about that - thank you!
  • @Rubygirl816 I AM totally out of meds right now and don’t have enough to buy more at the moment… I ordered two zips of purple punch (Loud) on 4/21. Label created 4/26, accepted and dropped off at distribution center 4/27, set to deliver yesterday bu…
  • @Ken_K it seriously fvcking blows. I ordered purple punch too and that picture someone posted makes me want it even more lol
  • Sigh Fvcking USPS man… my shiz was scheduled to deliver today, but now I’ve got the dreaded “In Transit - Arriving late” and hasn’t moved since it hit the distribution center -_- I’m totally out of medicine too… also the 2nd day after my 2nd vaccine…
  • @Pugltop I made an order on 4/21 from Loud and the label was just created late last night (4/26) I’m sure 420 just put them behind a bit.
  • Scratch that! Just got my pre-shipment label Man, 420 must’ve worked ya’ll to the bone! xD
  • @Kayla I ordered purple punch on the 21st and I haven’t seen a label yet either.
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  • @MaryJane2020 Well you’re not alone. I put in an order last Wednesday from Loud and have yet to see a label in my ID as well. The longest it’s ever taken is 3 days and today will be the 3rd full business day. The only time I’ve ever had an issue …
  • Yeah I hear ya. Just f’ing USPS... Do you know if Loud generally takes more than a day to create a label? I ask because I’ve been ordering from MM lately and usually get a label same day so just curious!
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  • @v32Finish LOL!.
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  • @JaymeeG I appreciate the insight!
  • @MoonMan5 I did have ID before I ordered, and I made my orders on the 16th and 17th (so over 5 business days now) and my packages still show zero; no labels or anything. Anyway, I’m just being patient like I see everyone say and if for some reason t…
  • @BMan I was like why would someone mention something about same day and I actually looked at a calendar and realized I gave the wrong order dates the whole time 🤣
  • Omg I’m a moron... I ordered on the 16th and 17th not the 19th and 20th 😑
  • @BMan yeah I hear ya! I made my orders on the 19th and 20th so it’s been 5 business days for two orders and I don’t even see anything - label created or anything. I wouldn’t expect one to be created same day but it just makes me anxious that it’s be…
  • For real 🤣