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  • @mynameiSkArEn Really? I took one gram the first time and was regretting it. It was too much of a head buzz for me. Mine are tons of closed caps. They look great. On the other hand, the Taj Mahals I got were all stems, hardly any caps at all. I gues…
  • @PCT90 @nefgreen Do you guys think the Golden Teachers aren’t fully dried? I wasn’t sure myself. That’s why I ask. Some of the caps don’t look wrinkled at all. I’m not sure if they all snap. I’ll have to check next time I use them.
  • @DudleyDiccle Yes, especially if they sent them vacuum-sealed (usually they do). They are already dried, so just leave them vacuum-sealed, and they will be good for at least 2-3 years (store in a cool and dark place). Or you can freeze them (only if…
  • @tracker3795 It turns out @leaf was referring to the THC capsules, not the mushroom caps. But I agree with you. The effects are minimal, just an energy boost.
  • Yea, I’ve tried the Med Jane capsules, 50 and 25/25. They both seem strong to me. I think they’re just some sort of distillate, nothing special, but they definitely do the trick if you like edibles. I’d say they’re similar in strength to the Med Mam…
  • I’m not sure what capsules you mean exactly. They have cannabis and mushroom capsules. The cannabis ones are strong if you like edibles. The mushroom ones are week. I posted a review about them a few weeks ago. The mushroom capsules just give you an…
  • Yep, just put them in a small tupperware container (I like Lock&Lock brand) or mason jar with a desiccant packet (or a few), and they should keep almost indefinitely.
  • Hi Medboy. The Sativa tincture was back in stock for a couple days. I was going to order today, and now it’s gone again! Can you please let the shippers know I am still waiting for it. Let me know you saw this. Thanks.
  • I don’t use Coinbase, but I use Coinbase Pro (formally GDAX). Until recently trading was basically free, but now they charge 0.2%, which isn’t bad IMO. Sending and receiving is free of course. And deposits are free and show up in a few days to a wee…
  • The tincture is 350 mg THC and 100 mg THCA, according to the bottle. There is no CBD listed. It’s not super strong, but it does the trick. A couple dropped fulls and I’m pretty good.
  • The tincture is back, and there are 4 different kinds! Thanks!
  • Is the cannabis tincture coming back? I just want to make sure I’m not waiting for nothing and am wondering if I should look elsewhere for it. Thanks.
  • Thanks Medboy! I appreciate that. Btw, I’m the one who had the problem with the clementine syringes. I have tried almost all of your edibles and vape products, and I will always give you my honest opinion.
  • IMO, just stick with the CCELL TH2 1 ml cartridges, but just fill them once (otherwise they start to clog). They’re only about $5. I’m pretty sure those are the best ones, and they’re cheap enough to just fill once and toss.
  • And I just realized I didn’t notice the holiday promo code and missed out on $30! My luck I guess.
  • Please let me know when you hear back. I have some on hand, and I have more on the way. I’d like to know exactly what kind of oil this is before I continue to vape it. I’ve done quite a bit of research, and it seems inhaling coconut oil can cause li…
  • That’s good news. Hopefully mine will come soon!
    in Most FAQ Comment by dennyt November 2018
  • Mommiller, did you ever receive your order? It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and my order still has not shipped (just label printed). I have ordered many times and have never seen this before. I usually receive my order within a few days.
    in Most FAQ Comment by dennyt November 2018