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  • Yep I can do without seeds in my weed.
  • Thanks for the review.
  • Thanks , for the review what I needed honest opinion. If it don't make me clean the house and yard its not for me. only high test I like our will pay high price for .
    in Chocolope Comment by Tac January 5
  • I wish the fruit loops where back. Along with the Dream queen. Sims like the Dream queen was offered back in 2019 it was green house had the best bubble gum smell and high was unlike anything I have had since then . Its been offered a time are 2 s…
  • A qt no worries a half 0 up maybe just depends on how busy they are.
  • It's not good when the local post office gets your package. Especially if you live in a small city are county. wouldn't order for a while unless you make other arrangements
  • @MerlinsMagic , pleas see if you could possibly find some premium sour deasel , jack H etc older school sativa
  • Coinmama did the same to me back a couple yrs ago. I always use cashapp.
  • Naa it could be posted on this page by the shipper
    in Get alerts Comment by Tac August 2023
  • I ask for the new strain alerts a couple months ago. Idk if anyone saw it .
    in Get alerts Comment by Tac August 2023
  • Am in New Jersey and every despecery I go to gives military discounts with 2 up to 30 percent they diff treat us veterans very good the best they possible can .
  • I haven't found a seed in 5 yrs And don't wont to in my buds I will pay for seeds if I wont them . Bud looks good tho
  • Really don't need to decuess loc thats what could have possible happened with happy t
    in Location Comment by Tac July 2023
  • @ChunksEggo8187 thanks for the info .
  • @907GOKU thanks am sure its pretty good . Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
  • If happy trees see this give me a review of this strain am sure your crew should have tried it if you put it on menu thanks . Would love to see a new strain alert when you log in to site takes a min to see all the strains from each shipper . That wo…
  • Flower Stems look like a older bud fresh buds still have a green tint to them
  • @ChunksEggo8187 bud looks good butt dry how is the humidity level
  • @ChunksEggo8187
  • Everyone gets cought up on informed delivery I choose to stay away from it just another way the government agencies can keep a eye on people . I Have nvr tracked a package
    in Deleted Comment by Tac June 2023
  • They definitely need to step the flower game up a natch + shipping times . Been ordering from this site since 2013 /14 . Old days with no informed delivery packages always arrived within 3-5 days no matter what shipper
    in Deleted Comment by Tac June 2023
  • The professor. Dry bud is very disappointing . Thats way am mostly white market now with strains that show moisture content included in coa.
  • Thats the issue when you pay for bud you shouldn't need Boveda packs . Unless you accidentally leave your jar open . Dry bud = old bud thats past its peak .
  • Iv been paying 350 a oz for a constant supply of sativa worth every penny don't like smoking and going to sleep like with indicas
    in Sativa Strains Comment by Tac June 2023
  • Would love to see the lemon Thai return. Dam good smoke ripped me every time . Nvr been into indica dominate strains like to be active when I smoke not be a zombie
    in Sativa Strains Comment by Tac June 2023
  • usps in possession of item”. Thats what my informed delivery always says when package is in first steps of shipping. Been getting that mssg for 3 yrs it will change
  • The ultra premium should be the same as exotic on the white market. Esp at the 100 a q price point just my 2 cents
  • Am Pretty sure , some of the flower is coming from a back door despecery on the white market that may not meet despecery quality control standards are possible past its peak i know it used to be that way unk sure about now
  • Nefgeen your right Alien Cookies I finally found some exotic mac no problem finding the light dep are green house butt the gaz mac is hard to find had a care giver locate some in maine.
    in MAC flower? Comment by Tac June 2023
  • MAC strain is getting like sour d and other older hard hitting strains . Growers have moved on to newer genetics ie cookies etc . I have been looking for a despecery with fire mac for 3 days and am in new jersey where weed is legel .
    in MAC flower? Comment by Tac June 2023