Premium Alien Fire Kush



  • Is it coming from FL or WA?

  • I hope someone gets it soon for a review and pics. I finally ordered some yesterday and it sounds like 🔥🔥

  • I hope someone gets it soon for a review and pics. I finally ordered some yesterday and it sounds like 🔥🔥

  • I used to get my packs quick off this site this my first order in a month or two so I will let u guys know how the kush is when it arrives 😳

  • Ya'll are right. I got both labels created :blush:

  • I can't wait to get informed delivery set up. I have to wait for a fkn actual letter from the post office.. tf is that.. i wanna check for a label too . lol

  • No label yet, and I missed out on green crack distillate vape refill now- dubba bubba

  • thought my order would sneak through without informed delivery but label created things are really slow right now

  • @superman38NC what day did you order? Just curious as I ordered on Sunday and was thinking it’s been slower...thanks

  • I ordered on Sunday no label yet will just have to wait and see. Not normal I usually order on Friday and label created no later than Tuesday.

  • edited July 2020

    I ordered the premium 🔥 kush Sunday..label made yesterday. I’m definitely not worried about getting something vs missing out on that particular I hate to bother MB more than I already have the last couple months..🤞🏼

  • @superman38NC lol Me too ! I ordered whatever day it came out and label created yesterday. I swear MB and MM are likely very familiar with me because of my emails 😫 I’m getting better though and I legit need their help when I do email. Otherwise I come to this forum and ask if necessary everyone is so helpful

  • Oh the usps worrys waited the two weeks from medmama to find out it was out for delivery 5days after i ordered and usps cant find it there investigateing into its were abouts Wtf!!!!!

  • @cmweems1964 i swear it seems like USPS is losing package left and right 😖 I purchased a PO Box to avoid this because I just experienced the same thing. USPS told me give them 1-2 more business days to locate

  • @Looper1 same here, I'm going to get it on Monday.

  • Says Monday for me hoping it comes tomorrow

  • Mine says 7/20 ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ 3 packages coming that day !

  • lol.. lucky.. yikes mine says 7/20 as well. hoping tmrw but not holding my breath. i'll just be super happy when this one comes in. 3 in one day?!@ i'm super happy when i get more than 1 in a week lol

  • I've got 3 on 7/20! Going to place a medmama order for cheesecake and bubba soon.

  • Labels but no movement. Hopefully it's just surprise time for me any morning now.

  • Yup Monday on my end too.
    Typical time frame though, I paid sunday, getting it 8 days later. If it’s early, it will be a Sunday delivery

  • Mines said Monday yesterday but this morning it says out for delivery. Shyt it’s gonna be a fire ass weekend 💣 🔥 I’m ready

  • @Loudpack1022 bro that is super fast !! Your lucky 🍀 make sure u post pix ! I must see how this looks before Monday ☺️☺️❤️❤️

  • Just got mine guys! Only question I have is have yall ever weighed the amount for accuracy. I ordered 1/4(7g) and the scale says 6g. Same with Jack Herer ordered 1/8th(3.5) scale says 3g

  • whoa! that's not good. . .

  • Damn that’s tough 100$ for a quater if my shit short I’m hitting up the dms loyal customer for months

  • Never been shorted. I’m always .5g over. Always weigh out, just a habit.

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