Premium Alien Fire Kush



  • So far mine are literally spot on!

  • I just got a 14.5 that was 14.8 and loading pics now

  • and the burn begins look at the colors wow

  • Whoa that's pretty 😍

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    @rshigh81 Yeah man mines has never been short either. I always weigh it. Usually its like an g over....check your scale. Throw a nickel on it and if it's still off then hit them up in the contact form. Hate for it to keep happening.

  • YIKES!!!! that looks amazing!! i wasn't expecting mine til monday and i just checked my phone at work and IT WAS DELIVERED 30 MINUTES AGO!!!! talk about being hype.. . LOL.. i got the rest of the day off, got tomorrow off .. i'm with you, whoever else said "i'm ready" LOL now if you'll excuse me i have someplace to be!

  • ( i will try to post pics and a review of sorts after i get home and try.. i really enjoy strain reviews, both reading them, watching them, and writing them. and i have been telling myself that i should start doing them here , but i just haven't actually done it so maybe now this can be the reason)

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    @cmweems1964 Damn that looks tasty @v32Finish YES I'd love to see more pics. @suchacutie89 my bad I got my gumdrops today and the bud comes Monday looks like FIREEEEE tho man I can wait just wish I had it after seeing it. The wait is on

  • hi guys. i'm going to try to post one picture right now, first, with this first msg. (because i haven't posted pics before). if that works i'll post the others i have. anyway, here goes:

  • Damn, that's nice

  • OK, so.. there are a few pics. someone please let me know if you can see them. also, a few words on this.. i'm guessing there's a way to cut these pics down in size so it doesn't take 3 pages to scroll thru . i'll figure that out. ALSO. bud is really good, but i felt it was very hard to represent accurately via photo. that's why i took a couple different shots in different lighting etc. either way, very good, very purple, a bit dry but not bad.. meat falls off the bone.. i know that a night in the jar w. a boveda will do it some good. but either way i'm very happy with it.

    definitely get the dank OG gassy overtones, but with a little spice, floral maybe.. something else coming in there. clean. clear high, bit spacy, very relaxing but not sedating? nice hybrid. anxious to see what others think, too. i'll try to get some more pics if i can. for now i wanted to drop this here.


  • Hole E Fuk that's some great looking bud. Prolly wont be round long damn cant order till Wed.

  • So tempted to split an O of alien fire kush with white widow.

  • This with Jack hammer^. Also for those who weigh bud and it's less:. My scale came with a weight for calibration. That being said I calibrate maybe 2 times a year and it's never off by .03. I reccomend an amir scale that goes out to the hundredths decimal place.

  • Beautiful buds there @v32Finish! Mine should arrive tomorrow

  • This looks amazing i cant wait to die

  • Wow this is amazing lol SUCH a good high

  • How do it taste

  • Those pics are beautiful! Am waiting for mine! I got info on my order from mm but nothing from loud. I hope it doesn’t take long. Enjoy!

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    It must be good. Lol @BMan "can't wait to die".. makes me want to try. Great pictures @v32Finish & @BMan .

  • Alien kush is ⛽️

  • But tbh I’ve had better lemon tree and wedding cake gmo cookies but I’ll put it top 5 exotics in my book bag appeal and smell and high lord the taste is good like a spicy hit that og taste is there not harsh kinda smooth nice spacey high very nice tho 10 out 10 might cop the oz no 🧢 ive smoked so many exotics this is one for the 📚

  • Thanks for the review

  • Got mine today! 7 days total. Fire!

  • Wow, Im really happy with this strain!! Nice, relaxing high. I'll post some pics:

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