Premium Alien Fire Kush



  • @BMan i use a vaporizer so I couldn’t comment on the resistance to flame.

    AFK definitely earned its premium shelving because of its purple color, it’s a very pretty bud, not disappointed with it because it’s still a great smoke and I love showing it off, just personally, won’t be reordering it.

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    just came to this thread to reminisce as i smoke basically my second-to-last bowl of the AFK. it aged like fine wine- it has lost most of its purple color, now- eroded by the slow rolling winds of time. but it only improved over time. the taste, the smoke, the effect- has all subtly changed . my opinion was very similar to Looper's comment above, for the first, maybe.. month? 6 weeks? maybe 2 months, even, that i had it... then I realized that it was actually something very special.

    EVERY other bud that i have ever left in the same kind of container that it's in, once it got down to a gram or 2 or less, it dried less time. this is damn close to the BEST cure that i have ever seen on a bud, ever. (it does get a LITTLE dry feeling, but retains its character and moisture inside- almost indefinitely. apparently).

    i want to keep writing eloquent things, but i have things to do this evening.. but this definitely was a story of changing hearts, for this bud. its score went up dramatically as time went on. for me anyways.

    @LoudnCo @medman @medboy - any chance of this coming around again? would love for this to come back.

    If I had to narrow my focus down to the 3 strains that I anticipate the VERY most - (this can be a pretty long list, admittedly, lol) - they are the Dolato, the Sunset Sherbet, and this. (at least, picking from those that have already come on the menu; if we're talking anything in the world i suppose it would be different). Looking forward to a restock on those for sure. :)

    just wanted to come back and look at some pics and read what others have said about this wonderful strain. . this particular legendary batch. and that's another thing that makes this forum so cool.. for being able to have that exchange of knowledge and opinion, that experience, all centered around an amazing, amazing medicine.

    hope yall have a great evening.


  • Not gonna lie i got a semi 😂 when i saw afk with new comments. Thought its back f yeah. The last afk was absolutely gorgeous and the high was exquisite. One of the best i have ever smoked it was beyond words.

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    @v32Finish im glad you brought this up about the AFK..when I first received it honestly I was a little disappointed in the I tucked it back while others kept my attention..pulled it out a few days ago and it was so much better! Cured for the better 😎

  • @v32Finish I will try my best but tbh the grower is an old hippie. They grow when they want to grow/feel like it and are the only ones who have the genetics for this strain. This is also a favorite of mine so I am right there with you!

  • @v32Finish Great write up! Excellent pics too!

  • @LoudnCo that's great to hear, about it being a fav of yours too! i was so impressed with it. I know how it is, though.. here's to hoping! :smile: Do you still connect with the Master Grower i used to see in the listings for the wedding cake and the sunset? surely not the same old hippie, right? either way, we'll see what happens :sunglasses:

    @ChunksEggo8187 thank you man! i smoked it earlier and it put me on another planet.

  • @v32Finish Yes I do! I kind of have a rotation of growers so he will circle back around. :smiley:

  • Sweet 🤣👀✅ lol.. thank you, sir!

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