Premium Alien Fire Kush



  • Mine was supposed to arrive today but it seems to be going in circles in WA..I’m sure it will make its way here eventually..those are some beautiful buds!

  • Looks crazy good.
    I was supposed to get mine today too but it was held up at the distribution center. 😢

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    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this melted my face great high had me stoned. Perfect 50/50 good to melt in the couch and also go out and do stuff.

  • Wow that looks freaking awesome! Hopefully mine comes soon!

  • Tonight I get to find out how this is. Just got in this am

  • The pics yall are posting of this stuff look great

  • It's remarkably purple

  • happy to see others getting their AFK arriving! definitely fire, and a solid addition to the arsenal. high is super relaxing and a bit spacy -- this is usually the first one i reach for after i get home from a long work day, and then follow it up with a sativa or a night-time flower depending circumstances.

    to whoever asked how it tastes, i would say its got a fair bit of the OG coming thru (aka the archetype of 'dank weed smell', skunk-lemon-pine-gasoline "OG" flavor that is so unmistakable) .... but its def not just an OG alone. it has a slight kind of 'incense'-ey-ness, maybe floral or hint of fruit.. cant put my finger on the secondary note coming thru (also don't have it here with me at the moment which makes it harder to describe: ) but yeah it's very smooth (2nd half of the bowl can get a bit harsh ) and has a great flavor. hope everyone's received theirs and had a chance to try themselves!!! if you're on the fence about this one it's definitely* worth a shot

    (remarkably purple indeed @MikeyC :smiley: did u try it yet?! great feeling getting to sample something you've been looking forward to )

  • Quiets the head chatter. High in the eyes a lot and very in the moment.

  • Waiting on mine. Judging by these pictures, I almost want to order another half while its still available

  • Just got both of my orders and I will be trying this strain in the evening! The buds look and smell amazing! Now am just sampling a little of the sour jack! Have a Great Afternoon!

  • Shit. Got mine today. It's so purple

  • Just got mine and mammoth 🦨 this herb the AFK is some of the prettiest bud I have ever seen I almost hate to smoke it but😁😁😁😁
    I am thoroughly impressed
    Way to go loud and med man

  • Ugh... I hope mine gets here soon. It's so pretty 😍

  • LOL the wait is killing me too but for a different one.. i liked it from the start but it's actually grown on me some more since i've had it. great pickup.. hope ya get yours soon! how many days did you order @OneLove ? i think i'm due to get mine by the end of the week (w.w.) .. hopefully it'll be an exciting friday! (love when they come fri or sat.)

  • also, great pic @Looper1 ! .. purp'd up :lol:


  • Oh Wow! I just tried it and is amazing! Not only pretty to look at but, it is nice and the buzz is excellent after a long day of work. Thank you MM and Loud!

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    Just ordered some as its still up. A plus is i would not be upset if the premium master kush was subbed for it. Bummed. But not upset.

  • @v32Finish ordered on the 14th and still waiting ☹

  • Ouch! Maybe today?! Tmrw?! Good luck man 👊

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    Really like the AFK for a change of pace. But miss my OG terribly.

  • Received my AFK! Exactly what I needed to end a tough need in posting pics..mine looks just like everyone else’s..beautiful herb 👌

  • AFK is AMAZING!! Hope it comes around again.

  • After smoking all my AFK i will say the looks are great, but the smoke is weird. Has anyone else noticed how resistant it is to the flame when you try and smoke? Like maybe its too wet or something. The buds seemed pretty dried out though so idk. The high was good at first, but it became kind’ve mellow after a while. I was not the biggest fan of this, but it definitely will help after a long day.

  • i feel it was maaaaaybe on the lower side of potency for a premium, but just barely, and everything else was good for me.. it got a little harsh towards the end of a bowl, but i was still happy with it. crazy great looks, good smell, good flavor, decent smoke, nice relaxing high.. i've found myself pairing it with 1 other jar. which i don't typically mix strains, but i have found myself smoking 1 bowl of AFK (first bowl after work) but then immediately following up with a 2nd bowl of whatever else.

    i feel where you're coming from; i still really liked it but could have been a touch more potent or smoked slightly better but either way I'm giving it a solid 8.7 / 10.

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    @v32Finish i agree.
    The potency is not there, still a great bud, I don’t believe it came in for premium though. I’ll pass on AFK in the future though. It seemed a bit dry.

  • For me the AFK makes me really tired upfront..45 min later I get a boost of energy out of nowhere..same thing with Sundae Driver..the appearance makes up for the less potent effects..still give it 4.5/5.

  • @Looper1 @v32Finish @superman38NC

    I too noticed the potency dropped after having it in my jar for a week and a half, and it was drier and harsher.

  • @greatspirit @Looper1 @v32Finish @superman38NC
    Agreed! It does definitely dry out and was i the only one noticing its resistance to flames? Its like the bud was never dried out enough or just not properly maybe. It still got me high as shit when i first had it. I keep my weed in a jar thats sealed with a temp and humidity gauge on it. I keep my stuff properly stored all the time and the fact this stuff STILL dried out was weird. Like i said though i was still getting pretty high off of it as i went. I think it got premium because they are the most purple buds I have ever seen

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