Medical Jane! #3

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New Shipper



  • Wow, you're quick! We posted her maybe 2 minutes before this thread.

  • nice! will be curious to see if they have only high-cbd stuff or others as well. either way, some of them sound good

  • @v32Finish all of her bud right now is high CBD or 1:1, but she has plenty of THC-rich selection in edibles, concentrates, vapes and RSO. We all have to start somewhere. :)

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    Yep we're trying out a new shipper! They'll be limited to the amount of orders they can take starting out so if they're not on the site they'll be back the next day. We'll be expanding their selection soon. Please post about your experiences with them!

  • Been looking for stuff like this rather than having to take the time to make my own ratios. Look forward to reading reviews and trying this and the 1:1 from the other shippers.

  • All of the new shippers descriptions are a bit off. Ratios stated then in description its different. Rso oil descriptions same for both etc. I know they are new. But they need to clean that up.

  • @spongepail : my fault on the rso. they did not supply a description for the indica so I mistakenly copied the one for the sativa. Caught one other error on one of their buds. If you see others please drop us a note!

  • Heck yeah. Order placed.

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    I'm most definitely interested in MJ's concentrates & tinctures.

  • Do we think the hard candies from her will be able to ship right now? We found this site too late (our last ordered melted, but I think we’ve rescued it) and my mom really needs some more, but she’s weird about what she will eat.

    Some people say the gun drops can make it though? Is that true? I’m in the heart of the southeast....

  • Let’s hope this doesn’t go like the last new shipper did, but I have faith in Medman and his crew, I’m excited about this new shipper, I’ll definitely be ordering from them soon. Thanks guys for all you do for us

  • I'm not tempted by the edibles when comparing the price to the medmama's thc gumdrops. 1000 mg for $70 or 1000 mg for $110-$120?

  • Thank you for adding the new shipper! Looking forward to trying some of their goodies!

  • Just ordered some harlequin and cannatonic

  • @PettKatt you can try ordering gum drops this time of year, but buyer beware. There's a good chance they'll show up as melty gloop. That doesn't affect their potency, however.

  • @medboy do we know if Medical Jane’s candies will melt? I know all too well already about gummy bears....🤷‍♀️

  • @PettKatt i believe they are hard candy like mamas jolly chips. I think they would be ok. Anyone got jolly chips who could weigh in?

  • Waiting on reviews people so please update experiences !! Definitely like high grade CBD as a pick me up ☺️

  • I am a big fan of the jolly chips, specifically the 1:1 but the 25mg is way to much for me so i am excited to order some new stuff from the new supplier today! :)

  • Jolly chips melt together worse than anything. I wish they were wrapped. I got one 1000 mg edible of all different flavors. Chipping them apart isn't easy.

  • Yeah, not risking the edibles in the Louisiana heat this time of year. Will wait till fall

  • I want to see some pot from the new shipper lol i want some Grandaddy Purp and Amnesia

  • where are you seeing that?! or... is that the point, that you're *not seeing it, but you want to? lol. would love to see both of those

  • I live in Az and buy medmama's gumdrops. I think because they have more of a sugar coating, they don't melt like the smooth gummi bears. My last two orders arrived in 107-108° temps. They we're stuck together but with minimum effort they pull apart. No fusing or melting so far.

  • Where did medical Jane go?

  • Already flew off the site

  • What happened with the new shipper? @medicineman

  • When they add a newbie here they restrict theit number of initial orders to see how things go. Once Jane is caught up they’ll release her offerings again.

  • Jane's edibles can melt just as easily as anyone else's.

    Don't worry if you see her disappear from the site. We're capping her daily orders at 10 until she has a bit more experience under her belt. So if you don't see her, just check back the next day.

    Thanks for giving our new shipper a try!

  • @medboy thanks the new shipper has exactly the flower I been looking for will definitely be ordering often

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