New strains!!!

Had to grab the Blackberry Kush and Hawaiian Punch. Trying to control myself from others 😫



  • Half O placed for Hawaiian Punch πŸ₯Š πŸ”₯

  • oh my george.. i wasn't counting on an update like this for a few days still around the weekend maybe. LOL. i'm woefully unprepared, mentally i'd say

    i'm looking at space queen, blackberry kush, Hawaiian punch, , and master kush. in that order, of interest, more or less.. (but the master kush tho.. loud premiums lately have been a must, so i'm really indecisive here.. i really am always looking for those sativas in general but the blackberry kush tho!!!! hahaaha)

  • Money in for a zip each of Hawaiian and Blackberry. Celebrating my retirement this month after 37 years working in the coal mines as a marketing hack. Reverting to fixed income during a global emergency means fewer future splurges, so weed gods don’t fail me now! πŸ₯³

  • I wish there were more pure indica choices, indoor and premium especially πŸ˜•

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    Zips of Blackberry. Zips of Space Queen. Two I've missed constantly but not this time! Taking a "break" after this order...maybe

  • Man it sucks I wanna try some of the new strains to, but I can get the same quality of the street right NOW for half the price. Unfortunately the quality isn't always this good and that is what I save this site for.

  • Jumped on a Z of the Blackberry. Good stuff we've had before...running low on my bed-time smoke!

  • Just got 1/2 of Blackberry. Was trying Pink Champagne to help with sleep but it just wasn't knocking me out. It was good but just made me chill rather than get sleepy. Hopefully this packs more of a kick. Also got 1/2 of Space Queen for the daytime. Had an 1/8th last week from a friend and found it good for mornings and afternoons.

  • That's why I scooped up the blackberry. I've been smoking so many sativas or hybrids that are close to 50/50, I need something to knock my ass out lol. Galactic Jack makes me crash super hard after the initial (intense) high, but it takes a while.

  • The last batch of Space Queen was wonderful

  • @OneLove, yeah as a novice I try and research the strains available here on places like Leafly, WikiLeaf and AllBud. Pink Champagne had a lot of people saying it induces sleep as a side effect and lots of people use it for insomnia. But it just didn't do it for me, I liked it and will continue to smoke it but its more of a chill/relax vibe I get rather than "can't hold my eyes open" feel I was looking for. Blackberry had a rating of 10/10 on the website reviews in terms of use for insomnia. By all accounts it sounds like blackberry could be the answer. Another user told me to look for things in the cookie and kush fams to help with sleep.

    For my daytime strains, I look for things that don't have too much of a tendency to cause paranoia or anxiety nor will have me so stoned that I can't still do shit through out the day. I want to get a nice buzz and feel the positive effects of a good daytime strain (energetic, creative, uplifted, social, etc) without feeling like im not in control and not able to still go about my day. As a relative newbie with a lower THC tolerance, its sometimes hard to find such strains. the XJ13 has been wonderful in these regards. I can either vape it straight up and not feel too too baked or blend it 1:1 with some Sour Space Candy CBD bud to get a less intense high. I've been doing the same with Space Queen and find the effects similar. I have heard that Blue Dream is another good one for daytime if I have a lower THC tolerance.

  • @NOLA504 I've got similar issues and lots of daytime strains, and they're important, but my nighttime strains are crucial. I gotta sleep! My daytime strains are generally indica leaning hybrids. I really like Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, Donkey Butter, and Sundae Driver. I've tried Blue Dream and it was a little "buzzy" for me. I've also read good things about the Blackberry and it sounds like a knock-out I've been looking for. Currently, we still have some medical Bio Jesus (it didn't hit like anticipated...even at 30%THC), Grape Ape, Skywalker OG, and Pure OG for bedtime. The Pure and Skywalker are really really good. I've found the Grape Ape to be more dependent on batch. I still have a couple of Grape Ape vape carts from MedMama that bury me. Almost a one-hit wonder.

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    @TheProfessor I almost ordered the Gelato when it was at 125$ a 1/2 but it was gone the next day. Will try that next time I see it as well as some of your other night time recommendations. Any thought of strains for daytime that are similar to Space Queen and XJ13? I love those but know that they may not be available all the time and would like to have some backups that will be good during the day but not leave me totally baked. Also, when they get new strains how much do you think they get in of particular ones. I ordered some of the new stuff last night but see where lots of others are doing so as well. Worried I may get subbed.

  • The pure og is a knockout for sure

  • Grabbed some MK..last two indoor batches were amazing!..excited to see premium 😱

  • @SpongePail nice! I will keep an eye out for it! As far as a daytime, any thoughts on Hawaiian Punch? Was going to try it out but read a few reviews on other sites saying it could be intense and a heavy high so wasn't sure I was up for it so ended up sticking with Space Queen that I have already had and works well for me during the day.

  • @NOLA504 I haven't had XJ-13 in a long time. Orange Creamsicle is interesting if you get a chance to try it. Leans a little Sativa which generally doesn't work for me, but it's not overwhelmingly cerebral. I'm still nursing a z I got back from MM in the spring.

  • @NOLA504 space πŸ‘‘ should be good for daytime. Depending on how your anxiety is. Any big sativa should be food for day. Durban poison jack herer lambs bread etc

  • every time i think i have it narrowed down, i circle back around :lol: i have a decent mix of indica and sativa atm but my indica/hybrids rt now are better .. which tells me to go sativa w. this order.. but man my gut is telling me blkberry & m.kush r gonna be the winners this go-round

  • @v32Finish That's why I ALWAYS do a split, but the bad part of that is, sometimes I end up liking a strain so much out of the two, I'm slightly upset I didn't just get one order of that lol.

  • i know, right?! totally the same here @OneLove . even worse is missing out on something completely, by like 30 mins.. lol but yeah that how it goes sometimes.. yikes. im gonna go with my gut on this one

  • @NOLA504 I'm nowhere near a novice and I still research each individual strain pretty heavily lol. For years though I really just smoked weed to get high and knew it made me happy. Now within the past 3 or 4 years, I've been researching to find things more specifically geared towards my specific medical conditions/mental conditions, bed time smoke, day time smoke. It's made all the difference in the world especially with my mental health. I'm off all of my anxiety meds accept an occasional Klonopin that I get prescribed as needed when things get too bad...which is rarely ever needed any. It def pays to do your research.

  • @OneLove we have very similar backgrounds. I'm off everything but very small doses of Xanax in case of emergency. I would only add that some variety amongst my daytime, evening, and bedtime strains is a plus!

  • Label made!! Now the wait for delivery. Excited for Blackberry Kush since it happens to be in quite a few favorite strains of mine. Excited for Space Queen since it's the closest I'll get to Romulan for the past 7 years.( Romulan was a favorite-tough crop)

  • I have to stick with Indica strains bc sativa's exacerbate my panic attacks lol, so as soon as I saw the Blackberry Kush on the menu Thursday morning I jumped on that bc it's one i know that treats me well, and then went back and ordered the Master Kush also bc I've never tried it and I passed on it last time. I'm hoping I don't get a sub on the BB bc it's been off the menu now and my label was just created Friday evening πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. So excited!

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    I haven’t seen Green Crack on the menu in a while..had to hit that order button..just had some super lemon haze flower mixed with Mimosa diamonds πŸ’₯..that’s my GC comparison for now πŸ€ͺ

  • Green Crack for sure

  • yeah.. had to do it. first time ever having green crack. and i lean sativa also. excited

  • Is it just me or have the menu updates been coming quicker and quicker ⚑?

  • Man this White Widow from Loud is pure πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I’m kicking myself in the damn ass for k my getting an 8th ! Jack Hammer is a must grab as well !! Got an 8th that as well and it is some ⛽️ but the WHITE WIDOW !! This is better then my GG4 frfr

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