Blackberry Kush

My order of this is finally out for delivery. 9 days. I've missed this strain twice this year. l also haven't heard much on the forum about it even though it sells out fast(too stoned?). I'll have a review and pictures soon.



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    I really enjoy it. No couch lock, but def an evening, super relaxing strain. I've been smoking it, watching a movie and sleeping like a baby afterwards, and I usually have extreme bouts of insomnia. Can't comment on the taste or smell too much because my buds came pretty dry, so it had the dry bud smell, and harsh hits when I took hits from my bong. My last 3 bags from Loud have been pretty dry, but I think the extreme heat may be drying them out in transit as this just started happening when the temps got ridiculous. Had some 58% boveda packs, but needing 62 that should be coming today and I'm hoping it'll bring it back to life a little.

  • Mine originally said Aug 2 but just jumped to "out for delivery"!!!!!!! Do it looks like I will have a surprise waiting for me when I got home from work @ 4:30 .... Woohoo!!!! I am dying to see some pics of this blackberry buy now I know mine is close I am hyped!!! That little piece of me doesn't want to trust ID....

  • Hey @OneLove whats that little brown pack inside your jar ?

    Beautiful buds ! How did it smoke ! I missed that batch because I had like 7 flowers. Now I’m down to 3 so I need to start looking again 😂😂

  • Hell yeah!! Thanks man! Wow that looks good. Super stoked for this afternoon!!! (Fingers crossed)

    @suchacutie that's a Boveda pack(I think)... they are humidity control packs and they are a MUST if you have a collection of more than a couple strains.. go to Amazon and search "Boveda 62%" -- it comes in different sizes, right, so one size will protect an Oz, another for a half, etc -- I recommend the size aimed at 8ths bc you get 20 of them for only 14 bucks. Highly recommend!!!

  • Our z came yesterday (Thursday)...ordered last Thursday. Beautiful buds! It had been awhile since we've ordered from Loud, but it came in a week, packed beautifully (not over vacuumed), with a freebie 50mg cookie. The Blackberry Kush has an incredible smell. The smoke was a little harsh, but the berry taste is still there. Vaped it later in the Pax3 and the flavors were great. I've found it to be very sedating, but I've also learned that every body's chemistry is different. It's definitely stronger than the medical Bio Jesus I have (27%) and almost the knock-out punch of the last batch of Skywalker OG from Med Mama. It will definitely help with my insomnia. Highly recommended!

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    Got my loud order today, zips of blackberry and the Hawaiian. @OneLove i was struggling with your “dry” statement while I was waiting; and in all fairness I still am - not sure what happened to yours.

    Nugz from both bags were pretty much near perfect, seemingly cured with great care with just the right amount of tactile “give” without crumbling. All nice and sparkly with decent colors. Both have a strong nose though too,

    I’m too busy smoking my orange cake freebie doobs so haven’t done taste tests yet on this weekend’s main events. I’m salivating at the chatter about the blackberry.

    I bet the bovedas will help ya out 👍

  • @funkynugz i know right.. i do believe there is a certain amount of variation even between strains.. the example in my head is that i ordered the AFK twice actually and one bag came in pretty dry... not horrible, but definitely too dry.. and the 2nd bag came in absolutely perfect.

    anyways.. i will definitely chime in with my experiences once i try mine in just a bit!!!!

  • @v32Finish interesting. Prolly does have something to do with where the package sits/rides along its way from them to you. I’d think the vac seal would help. Maybe it’s amount ordered? I don’t order amounts smaller than an oz. but can see an eighth struggling in the higher temps.

    (This orange cake is off the hook, sativa leaning pheno I’d say cause this indica boy be buzzing 😳)

  • I always order half splits @funkynugz but mine were def both dry to the point where they didn't even have hardly a scent when I opened the bag and the buds just smelled like dry weed. It might be the temp in transit or maybe I'm just truly unlucky lol. The scent is already starting to come through more since I threw them in a jar with some Boveda. When I ordered Fruit Loops last time it was on the menu, I actually had to let it dry lol.

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    Blackberry Kush
    The smell is sweet OG berries. Perfect cure! I haven't tried it yet but it's gorgeous. The colors in the buds are amazing with purple, dark, and light green tones.Crazy red hairs. I'll give it a try tonight. Nice and sticky too. (Sorry about your dehydrated sack @OneLove 62% humid control packs are best! )

  • @MizterNiceGuy absolutely fantastic photos! esp. the 2nd one is just gorgeous. did you take those on a phone? (and if so which one? lol) i just got mine in, but so far i've only opened one box and it was the one with the green crack in it, not the blackberry.. but I will definitely post up a few pics later and a review or 2!(the GC is really really good too imo)

    but yeah anyway .. really hyped to read this. sucks that yours was dry @OneLove but i have no doubt it will bounce back. also -- wth is orange cake?! im gonna be watching to see if that shizz hits the menu :sunglasses:

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    @v32Finish Both pics from phone. 1 with flash, the other natural light. Being a Cali native, Green Crack was everywhere(consumed much!). Space Queen is my "sativa" this time around. I'll spark this Blackberry up tonight(2-3hrs) and see how it goes

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    @MizterNiceGuy Good to hear. I actually had been using 58%, but I just got some 62% in the mail today I'm going to drop it the jars now. Beautiful pics btw! You'll enjoy it.

  • @MizterNiceGuy Great pictures...exactly what my buds look like! I would agree...perfect cure.

  • @MizterNiceGuy nice. i do the same thing when it comes to snapping pictures in a couple different lightings. i'm hoping to try space queen as well, but since i've actually never had Green Crack before(just one of those strains i weirdly never ended up with.. may have smoked along the way and not known, or more likely, not remembered)... i had to prioritize that first. looking forward to the blackberry tho; that's about when i'll be trying mine too, will be later on. MAN I freaking love the weekend!!

    speaking of which.. that reminds me.. to those who have been around the site longer: i have noticed the past few times, that they (both mama and loud on different occasions) have added new stuff around the weekend. do you guys/gals notice a trend there? with what days are most likely to be update days? just curious since i haven't been here long .. seems there's new stuff on weekends but that could just be coincidence lol

  • Strains appear @ random. Could be Monday, Tuesday, Saturday etc. If you believe otherwise, you'll miss out on a possible fav. Check daily!

  • i know, right! i have definitely missed a few recently for various reasons, but i've definitely become a multi-daily checker.. lol.. esp once i saw how quickly some of em can get pulled? didn't need to see that twice

  • @MizterNiceGuy been here almost three years and I've seen no pattern as to what days strains are uploaded. Absolutely! Check daily and have Bitcoin on hand! I've ordered dozens of times, spent more than I want to know, and have never been subbed or had any issues with an order...ever. Check daily and be ready to pull the trigger!

  • I got mine Thursday afternoon. next time I'm ordering an ounce. I feel like a took a valium. 🤗

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    dude, maybe i was just tired or something, but that blackberry literally knocked me the fuck out last night. i fell asleep in my chair and dropped my phone/and my glass piece out of my lap, which.. that type shit never ever happens to me.. even w. the pro grade shit.. so yeah, we're gonna try it again today but :open_mouth: definitely strong!

    appearance: 8.7/10
    smell: 8.6/10
    smoke: 7.0/10 [see below]
    potency: 9.3/10

    i think i would give this an overall score of 8.7 - under my philosophy that getting the 9 is reserved for truly amazing, rare flowers.. ONLY thing i didn't like was that it was really pretty harsh. even on the green hit. i have a pet peeve about harsh flowers.. i'm hoping that a couple days with a boveda will cure this, but i'm not hopeful bc the flowers did not feel dry to the touch.. maybe just something specific to this strain? who knows. the Dirty Girl was the same; it smells and looks Fantastic but i haven't smoked much of it bc it's literally painful ! i have a few flowers that are on the harsher side that i have decided will be a mostly 'vape only' flower bc i can use them w/ my VaporCup2 (highly recommend) or Focus V or whatever and kinda circumvents the harshness.

    anyways i just wanted to throw an update here since i smoked the blackberry last night, but with a " * " maybe because i had also smoked other stuff.. but yeah, it is definitely very strong!!

  • @v32Finish It knocked my ass out last night too 🤣🤣🤣. I usually don't keep a lot of indica heavy strains around because I smoke MOSTLY during the day. Glad I grabbed this up, because it's a PERFECT evening strain.

  • @OneLove after my second night with the Blackberry Kush, I gotta add that's it's more potent than I first thought. It's hitting me hard. It's feeling more on par with the Skywalker and Pure. Good stuff for sure!

  • I feel the same @TheProfessor. I let mine sit in the jar for a couple of days and brought it back out last night and wow lol. I laid here stuck on stupid for a minute and decided I was going to watch a movie. I think I fell asleep sometime in the beginning credits.

  • I agree this blackberry is an ass-knocker, making my eyes cross trying to watch Netflix 😂 Definitely not a daytime puffer! Gonna savor this one. Another truly great strain from MM & Loud.

  • It got the job done. I was looking for something to knock me out and help me sleep. Originally bought Pink Champagne. It gave a slight body buzz but not too much else. The Blackberry Kush put me out though. Wish I had gotten more! Nice sized nugs.

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    Can't figure out how to post the pick

  • NOLA posting pics can be different on different pages.. the easiest for me was to just create an imgur account, once you have that, you can post your pictures on imgur and then you just take the link from imgur and paste it over here (i just click on the little picture icom, next to the letter 'C' right above where i'm typing this, when i do that, it brings up a screen that says "enter link to image", and i just copy an paste the imgur URL onto there and it posts directly into the thread)

  • After the third night, I'm officially impressed. This Blackberry Kush is some powerful medicine for my insomnia. It's a knock-out. I've been off insomnia meds for about 6 months. As often happens, I woke up at 4:30 this am...wide awake...but a quick half-pack of BK in my PAX3 had me back out by 4:50.
    It's now one of my favorite flower for sleep:
    1. Pure OG
    2. 5th Element
    3. Blackberry Kush
    4. Skywalker OG
    5. Grape Ape

  • @TheProfessor Same! I've been sleeping like a baby. And mostly solid sleep. I have bouts of insominia but even when I do sleep, I wake up a thousand times a night and feel like shit when it's time to go to work. I still feel a little groggy in the morning when I smoke too much of this, but it's still better than waking up having no or interrupted sleep.

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