Blackberry Kush



  • I haven’t tried the BK yet..but GG4 has been helping me sleep hard..I’ll have to add this one to the list

  • Yeah I tried it last night 1:1 with CBD indica bud and it still got the job done. the CBD helps also so that I dont go thru it all so fast

  • If this particular batch of blackberry comes available again I’m picking up another couple of zips. Been looking for a nodder and this is certainly it.

  • I've been getting a LOTTTTT of kief in my catcher from this and Green Crack. More than I've ever gotten from other strains. When you grind them, you can see how coated the grinded weed is in both strains. I love it 😍

  • After a week with the Blackberry Kush, I gotta say that I love this stuff! Medium size furry spongy nuggets of sleepy goodness! Bedtime, middle of the night, 0-dark-thirty...a small bowl or a quick half-pack in the PAX3 and it's light's out again. So much better than insomnia meds!

  • I JUST smoked my last @TheProfessor . Usually stick with sativas through the day, but my anxiety is a little out of control today. Now I'm so relaxed and feel 100 times better....except that now I'm out of Blackberry Kush 🤣

  • @OneLove I hear anxiety has been a real problem lately...trying to prepare for school has been insane! I'll be saving the BK for weeknights...I've got some other heavy indicas that aren't quite as strong that'll work for weekends. But for a Friday...and I'm done for the's a Sunset Sherbet afternoon! Sunset Sherbet has a little Blackberry Kush genetics in it from it's Pink Panties side. All the relaxation without the drowsiness.

  • I didn't know that, Prof.. (the Pink Panties genetics, come to think of it, are a mystery to me) that's cool and good to know! Sunset Sherb is one of my new absolute favorites .. and kind of introduced me to GSC genetics.. (& that I really like them!)

    I wasn't sure if blackberry kush was an actual, proper, seedbank style actual strain.. or kind of an 'in house' strain.. ya know.. alot of places grow their own crosses and give them crazy names; im always a little weird about that .. like the days of yonder where the kids on the block would get some mids and call it whatever they want

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    I've found that most of my favorite strains are related...that GSC genetics. Gelato is another one...Thin Mint GSC+Sunset Sherbet!

    The Blackberry Kush has been a strain since the mid-late 90s (developed in CA during their early years of medical legalization) but I've read it's genetics are a little questionable/unknown. In any case, it's my current go-to for sleep!

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