Shipping labels getting made for orders I didn’t place

I wasn’t going to say anything in hopes I got sent an extra product by accident, but now there’s ANOTHER one, that means there’s TWO labels both from WA, (my last order was placed last Thursday for medmama!) so weird! I’ll be one happy guy if two extra packages show up! Weird because I didn’t order the organic jack herer so there would be no reason for them to send me a replacement for anything, hopefully I’m not stealing someone else’s order!


  • It happens to me all the time however I never get an extra package. Sorry to burst your bubble. LOL.

  • @Theboyua I received an extra package a couple of years ago. Apparently, my order was sent twice...and it was substantial. It was well before the discussion board went up.

  • @MoonMan5 yes order was placed last Thursday and was on target to arrive today but is still in transit, it will probably be here tomorrow

  • @TheProfessor very first time I ever ordered I received a double order, it was great, but I knew it probably wouldn’t happen again

  • @liarliar03 no, I don't think it will ever happen again either! But I can dream! What a surprise to order 2 ounces and then get a QP in the mail!

  • The USPS is in a bit of chaos right now so I don't know if I'd trust what informed delivery says.

  • I want this problem

  • Yup!! I got 2 ghost labels from loud Yesterday. Needless to say i don’t have any orders out there. They will drop off informed delivery. It has happened to me before.

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