Waiting on 2 orders πŸ˜‚

This is the first time I have ever placed an order and then got tempted by new stock and now am waiting on 2 orders. One from my girl Med Mama and one from Loud πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ looking forward to Mammoth Skunk and White Cookies flower, Dolato shatter, Gorilla Glue diamonds πŸ’Ž πŸ₯° beyond excited! I feel like I’m waiting for Christmas morning.

Have a good day everyone



  • It is like Christmas for adults lol ! Cannibasmas πŸ˜…

  • Haha good one! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • LOL great thread!!

    i am in a similar situation , i am currently waiting on 3 separate orders. 1 is out for delivery now (!!! from medmama) and then i have 1 more from Mama on the way and 1 from Loud on the way. but that sounds like a bad ass order!! the dolato shatter is fantastic IMO

  • I'm new to the site, live in NC and purchased some Vapes from MM. Is it normal for shipments to sit in the 'awaiting shipment' for days before it gets mailed? Also, assumed a shipment state might be the 'left coast'?
    thanks for the help in advance!

  • @mounties24 im relatively new as well. I have placed 3-4 orders. I have noticed that usually a day or 2 after I place the order, I see a USPS label that has been made on Informed Delivery. Then 2 or so days later, it starts showing where its moving. Once moving, usually ends up to me in 2-3 days.

  • thanks @NOLA504, does MM come from CA?

  • @mounties24 I have ordered from both Loud & Co. and MedMama. I believe initial tracking on both showed Washington origin.

  • MedMama is in Cali , Loud is in Washington state. but yeah, all "left coast" for sure :D welcome! i pretty much completely agree with @NOLA504 assessment on the tracking/ procedure.. that's just about exactly how mine usually go as well

  • The wait for movement after the label is printed is always the hardest part. It fluctuates over time. Its about 2 to 3 days as of recent.

  • It sure is the hardest part @Limonene. As a newbie, just excited to begin with, lol

  • Enjoy the excitement and get prepared @Rubygirl816 bc this site is 100% real, probably change your life and make you broke...lol

  • From what I’ve been reading I have no doubt! πŸ˜‚

  • @mounties24 i live near you. It usually takes about a week for me to get Med Mamas packages. She is usually faster for me than Loud. I’m waiting on a Loud shipment but it has been shipped, post office issues. You will get it and if you don’t, they will replace it. They are great here, just be patient. I know it is hard because it all looks so good!

  • @mounties24 i live in NC also. My med mama order started moving last night πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  • @Rubygirl816 im also in NC !!! It’s a bunch of North Carolinians on here πŸ˜‚

  • Im having the same problem over here in SC one finally gave me a date of today went from nothing to today that was medM but my loud order has been sitting with no date since the 5th

  • @v32Finish left coast lmao!

  • So many peeps from NC!

    My order from loud that I placed on 8/10 is scheduled to be here on 8/17, so another 1 week turnaround. Took 2-3 days for the label to show up and then it started moving last night. Got 1/2 split between premium miracle alien cookies and premium alaskan thunderfuck. Might be the most excited I've been about an order, even more than I was for fruit loops!

  • @Sixwaychili I got the exact same thing, the split half with those same 2, and I added an 8th of the wedding cake too bc i think it may be the sleeper of those 4.

    Anyway yeah man i am super, super stoked for this order as well. (and also an exact 7 day turnaround with those same dates too lol )

  • Ok y’all are about to make fun of me but I ordered discount vapes from Medical Jane. NOW 3 ORDERS 3 DIFFERENT SHIPPERS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will let you know how long each take and we will see who the winner of this competition is. Dun dun dunnnnnnn

  • yikes!! heck yeah @Kris10 !! sounds like something i would do. which one did you get? (the discount vapes i mean.. was lookin at those too but somewhat scared off from the 3rd shipper)

    hope you get all 3 without issue. (also have 3 coming this next week) :joy:

  • @Kris10 let us know what ya think when you get them. I would give them a try if I had the funds at the moment.

  • @Kris10 MM always come though. May take p to two weeks but the quality is something you have never seen as MM does perfect quality control and does perfect corrections if there is quality issues. Have no fear and welcome to our group and as always stay secure :)

  • Oh yeah, I think Monday (17th) should be a big day for a lot of us. I'm also waiting on 2 orders from both shippers. Excited for the OD Sunset Sherbert & White Cookies (hopefully 17th). And Sundae Driver which should be here later on in the week.

  • @v32Finish i ordered the Thin Mints. I will let everyone know if it is the same stuff that is in the other vapes. I’m very familiar with MedMamas vapes, been using for years. I just had a little extra $ and decided to give it a try. Maybe her first batch of bud was just not too great due to COVID. IDK, trying to give Jane the benefit of the doubt lol.

    @rasta0458 , I’m not worried at all. I have been a patient of MM for several years and no issues. This is actually my second order from Loud. I always go with MedMama and she is apparently a much faster shipper, but I’m not complaining I know Loud will come too. ;) the MM team truly is the best!

    @ChunksEggo8187 , good luck on Monday, buddy! Let’s hope we all wake up to Xmas morning 😁😁 happy Sunday, MM family!

  • According to informed delivery, I am getting both Loud and MedMama orders today. I ordered Loud one week before MedMama (over 2 weeks ago) but it has been in the hands of USPS since day 3. I will update with product quality once received!

    Also, I still have no label created for Medical Jane. She really is taking her sweet time.

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