Recent Strains Your Impressed With..

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There has been a lot of strains dropped over the last few months..wondering what some of your fav’s have’s a few for me..

Cherry Ak-47-I’m really digging this strain..especially vaped..been the first time I’ve tasted 🍒 as the dominant terpene..great wake n bake!

Gelato # 41- some of the prettiest budz I’ve received off this site..very loud’s up there with Violet Vixen, Alien OG, and a few others..high is great for having a chill day/afternoon..not a productive strain imo.

Wedding Cake- this is the 3rd batch Ive tried off the site..first two MedMama..this one is from Loud..taste is on par and so is cake is one of my fav evening strains..delicious flavor and smooth smoke. Upbeat high that eventually tucks you in..

Sunset Sherbet- MedMama’s outdoor offering..ordered an 1/8th and I received one fat 3.8 g bud..very dense..aroma isn’t overly impressive, when ground up it is very subtle..but man this strain hits calm and relaxing..such a great nite cap! Matter of fact a few times I’ve woke up like 4 am and couldn’t go back to sleep..took 3 or so hits off my pax 3 and back to sleep quick..favorite part is no weed hangover feeling or grogginess..wake up feeling definitely one of my fav’s!



  • I second the wedding cake, I don’t know what else to comment you summed it up nicely. Man, I wish I had the brainpower to write a TireBiter review, but like you said it left a very nice body high that definitely tucks you in

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    I know right?! I miss George’s reviews..pray he is doing alright

  • I have really enjoyed the XJ-13! Great sativa for a wake and bake for me. Keeps me energized and I like that feeling!

  • Agree- XJ-13 was one of my first and it remains up there on my list.

    Others in my top tier: Dolato, Sunset Sherbet, MAC, AFK/ATF.

    also really like the premium wedding cake & ice cream cake.

  • My recent favs have been (in no particular order):

    Outdoor Sunset Sherbert- No matter the time of day, this strain just resonates with me. However, if I start to early in the day & indulge a bit, this will have me slumped on the couch.

    Cherry AK 47- Whoa...For me, a little goes a long way. Great smoke that will get you blitzed. On the exhale, I taste a cherry woodiness. Love it!

    Sundae Driver- I am loving this strain more & more. The aroma & taste 👌. For me, the high goes straight to my head, then slowly moves down the body.

    Damn, I waked & baked...

    Honorable mention that I would definitely grab if I see again: XJ-13

  • I'm about to wake n bake right now but I'm treading carefully because i have a big day today and i don't wanna be all tired and slumped over as you say @ChunksEggo8187 .. lol.. so I think i'm gonna go with Green Crack or something less stronger and more sativa for that reason. lol

  • @v32Finish 🤣 No doubt! Thankfully, I have nothing planned.

  • I know how that goes.. nothing better.. LOL

  • Enjoying Blueberry Muffins for breakfast this morning! Really a winner this go-round...but it's never not been! It's just delicious vaped and the high is all indica, but it leaves me productive enough. Also can't beat the outdoor Sunset Sherbet and indoor Gelato...really beautiful and hard-hitting cannabis for later in the day. We're also still enjoying the early summer Blackberry continues to knock me out one half-pack a night!

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    Can I ask is there a specific THC vape brand y’all would recommend ??

    I used to vape but stopped after I got pregnant and just never used one again

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    @suchacutie89 if you're talking about dry flower vapes, I use a Vaporbrothers VB1 desktop version ($180) that does great. If money were no object (LOL), I'd get a Volcano for $500. Pax 3 ($200) is the Cadillac of portable dry flower vapes. Well at least it used to be, I'm not up on anything that has come out in the last year or two.

  • @Sixwaychili we love our Pax3 and use it everyday for flower and the occasional concentrates. We also have a Mighty. It's amazing, but like many things German, its a little over-engineered. It's a thing of beauty and works perfectly (and can be used plugged in) but isn't really easy to clean. I use it almost exclusively with their capsules. Yeah, the Pax3 is just so easy to use and it!

  • I have always loved Wedding cake and Bubba Kush and White Rhino are a recent favorites.

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    Third the Pax 3! Cycle between that and breakfast was xj-13 (everyone talking about it started a crave 😁) such a tasty vape! You definitely need one of those hard smell proof cases if you decide on one..unless you. Lean it everyday it can smell dank lol..I bought one that has a couple screw off lids to store some flower..the pax’s battery life is great too! You can get some concentrate inserts to use for wax, diamonds, and shatter..very versatile..

    Just finished lunch—Gelato 41..such a great strain for a wave of relaxation.

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    @superman38NC yes...we cycle back and forth, and really enjoy the variety of smoke v. vape. I'd vaped using a old "Launch Box" off and on for years, but always preferred combustion. But, getting the Pax3 a couple of months ago was a game-changer! I also seem to be using less flower as a result.
    Enjoying a little leftover Donkey Butter from June before I head back out to finish the yard!

  • I personally use the arizer solo 2 on a daily basis and love it taste is so smooth and seems to conserve

  • @superman38NC your last post reminded me of how I feel about the premium Ice Cream Cake. (similar genetics too, i think it's Wedding Cake x Gelato) .. i love those strains, man. Gelato, Sunset, WC, cookies. . i particularly like the description of Gelato found elsewhere on the site.. i can't remember the words exactly but says something like "Gelato is a true power of balance & peace" or something. lol

    After my important stuff i had to do, i came back and went straight for the ATF. i had forgot how strong that stuff is. I really like it, but it's not a good "chill" type of bud that i can keep smoking over a whole afternoon. That's why .. I'm switching to the Ice Cream Cake right now. (maybe your post/this thread had something to do with it!!!) lol. my breakfast was indoor Jack - still waiting for XJ-13 to pop back up on the menu, I still have about a gram left but I rarely touch it bc I want to replenish it!!

    (also thinking about a Pax 3. and def. will jump on Donkey Butter if i ever see it!! is that an OG @TheProfessor ? )

  • ATF makes me feel like I'm getting trashed drunk more than stoned.

  • LOL that's definitely a good way to describe it

  • @suchacutie89 If budget is not a factor and you are not looking for something compact for using in public. I would recommend The mighty by storz & bickel. ($300- $349)

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    @v32Finish A good bit...Donkey Butter is the product of Grease Monkey X Triple OG. Related to my favorite GSC genetics on the Grease Monkey side (GG4xGSC). It's a nice relaxing afternoon strain for me.

  • Yess to the Xj 13 @Skholla , cookie dough cheesecake was a recent winner as well, blueberry muffin was a sub and after a 2 week cure it was amazing , waiting on the Mac, bluedream, bubba kush, fruit loops and whatnot

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    @v32Finish i wish I had of jumped on that premium ice cream cake..only reason I didn’t the pic was used before so I wasn’t sure what I’d get..opted for the Gelato 41 and it’s 💣 too..I’ve been nursing my last premium GSC from’s so good..your right the these cookie/gelato/OG genetics rarely disappoint

  • @superman38NC I LOVE my pax 3 i never even tried doing the cherry in there and now im mad lol

  • XJ-13 is def within my top 3. We so need XJ again

  • @Neverenoughsleep Me too, Arizer Solo II is a tank. My daily driver for the last 3 years.

  • I’ve been very impressed with it I would buy another one tomorrow if this one quit battery life is great and a little goes a long way with this machine

  • Gotta throw Chem Dawg in the mix.

  • Arizer Extreme and Arizer Solo II. Home and away.

  • I also have the extreme q use it very rarely just because the solo 2 is so handy

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