Premium Fruit Loops - Loud

Has anyone received this yet ? Hoping for a pic or two with a review :)



  • I will update/review when I receive mine. ID says Monday, but I have been receiving stuff earlier than what my ID says. crossing my fingers !

    either way, i'll put some pics & a review up as soon as I get mine :sunglasses:

  • Mine is coming today and I can do a comparison pic with the old PFL and new PFL.

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    New stuff on the left (no that is not just one bud!), old stuff on the right. Smells the same. Very sticky. Buds are smaller. Maybe, I haven't taken them apart yet. Looks like more red hairs on the older batch.

    It's just about exactly what I hoped for! I'll keep it all in the same jar.

    Got an Alien Orange Cookie joint as a freebie so that's pretty sweet.

  • @Sixwaychili holy shit that’s a nice bud!!!

  • Sorry I missed that!

  • That's not one bud! hahaha It's just a bunch of really sticky buds sticking together right out of the bag.

  • @Sixwaychili Looks great !!! Thanks for sharing.

  • mmmmmm... delish. what is the smell profile? obv the name is fruit loops, but is there any underlying skunk notes, floral, citrus, spice, sweet etc?

    just curious about this strain !! can't wait til mine comes!! :tired_face: :joy:

  • I'm hoping for some dank ass weed! Monday can't come any sooner!

  • @Sixwaychili, how blazed did the new PFL get you in comparison to the old PFL? Beautiful pics btw!

  • @v32Finish it's citrusy and fruity. @BecauseIGotHigh I couldn't tell a difference. As I said, I put it in the same jar because I view it as the same thing.

  • I’m hoping mine comes Monday or Tuesday myself! 🤞🤞

  • @Sixwaychili Damn that looks great! Thank you for the pic!

  • Thanks for the is it fire as advertised...thats a big description to live up too..thanks again @Sixwaychill

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    No problem guys. Yeah it is pretty damn great @Steeldude. Though I've been smoking it for a month now so I'm pretty used to it. The only thing that compares is the Alaskan Thunderfuck, but that's a way different high that isn't nearly as pleasant. It's more like trashed blackout drunk. I smoke the PFL for a few hours before bed. It's definitely indica leaning, but it doesn't put me instantly to sleep. But when I'm ready for bed, I fall asleep in about 10 seconds into a deep sleep.

  • Received my order of PFL yesterday. Nice buds, pleasant smell, smooth smoke....but it isn't Northern Lights level.

  • Has anyone ever seen Northern lights on this site?

  • @BecauseIGotHigh Yes, ordered some the beginning of the year Northern Lights #5. Really great stuff. Would deff. be a reorder if it comes to the menu again.

  • Awesome! I will be keeping my eye out for it so I can buy an Ounce! Just received my premium fruit loops and I am very impressed. The smell is amazing and the buds are beautiful. Very happy I got an ounce. Wish I had more money to buy another ounce.

  • Mine comes today along with my MAC BIG BABBBYYYY lol I’m super hyped about getting some of the MAC !!


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    I'm just about out of Premium Mac and Indoor Mac nowadays. I'll be waiting for this one to pop up again.
    This Premium Fruit Loops has been up longer than most strains..I need more reviews before getting more. Interested in something new.

  • PFL is berrylicious! Yummy! The edge of perfection in its own light. Cured just right, grinds nice and stays alive. Meaning, once I tap the grinder out, it keeps moving on the tray. The trim job is also really well done. This is a 100% favorite. In Ohio there is a strain called Crushed Berries at the dispensaries. It is also a favorite and this is awesomely similar! Im thinking it would be a good idea to reorder this before its off the slate but the selection just keeps getting better. Choices choices! 🤷‍♀️

  • For those that have received the latest offering of does it measure up to the description posted under the product. Did it affect you the way it's touted in the my opinion.......not even close to the claims in the description.

  • Mine is absolutely very, very potent . But that's also a pretty crazy description to live up to. I like it alot .. I will post review/pics when I get home later. Very happy w/ this & Blue Dream

  • Received my PFL and MAC today!! 🙌 🤤... Both are outstanding. MAC edges the PFL out for me personally, but again, both are phenomenal! I'll post pics later.

  • I got the PFL and BD coming 9/5 🤤

  • @Vices919 ive ordered MAC like 3 times since I’ve been here in June. I’m a newbie and MAC is my TOP !

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