Call your representatives - support the MORE Act, HR 3884

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I know we have a rule to keep politics off this forum, but I'm exercising my prerogative as a board moderator to bend the rule, just this once. Because I'm pleased to announce that there is a bill in Congress to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, and it actually has a decent chance of passing! For the first time since 1937, the federal government could roll back its war on this therapeutic plant.

It's called the MORE Act, and it also has a counterpart bill in the Senate. Right now, we need support in the House of Representatives, where it has been stuck in committee for months and it could easily die out. But we recently got the news that it could come up for a vote in the House this month, so please call your congressional representative's office and demand that they support HR 3884, the MORE Act to decriminalize cannabis. Remind them that recent polls show 66% support for decriminalization among Americans, and that now even a plurality of Republicans support the move too. It's a common sense bipartisan reform which has overwhelming support, and the time is now!

OK, ban on political commentary back in place! :P


  • From what I've heard, this is very likely to pass in the House but has little to no chance in the Senate.

  • I read the same. But passage in the House would be historic anyway. It would send a powerful signal. And over time, even the Senate changes.

  • Yeah, gotta get a certain someone out of the Senate who decides what can be voted on. But I agree it is a first step in correcting an 83 year long mistake.

  • @Sixwaychili but these are strange political times. Anything could happen.

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    The only thing that can't happen is for politicians to do the right thing. And I say that in just about every single scenario.

    Trying hard not to get political, but I think that blanket criticism of all politicians is actually being the opposite of political.

  • It's great as far as the MORE Act goes but to be sure we have to flip the Senate in November and we'll get that wish next year. For shore...

  • I must give you credit, @Sixwaychili that's a very clever interpretation of the no politics rule! ;)

  • Cute gesture but it wouldn't matter since states are calling the shots when it comes to cannabis policy. It all depends on how willing the Feds are going to enforce federal cannabis laws.

  • You've got a good point @greatspirit in that the majority of cannabis policy is handled on the ground by the states. The DEA doesn't bother with it much these days, unless a Mexican cartel is involved or something like that.

    But federal cannabis policy still matters. If the president signs this bill into law, then it will send a powerful message to state legislatures and governors. Granted, not all of them will get that message, but some of them will. If the bill passes the House and doesn't become law, then the message is less powerful but it still sends a message.

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    Probably the biggest issue is the ability for legal cannabis businesses to actually use banks. As of now, the big ones probably have storage units filled with cash like on Breaking Bad and the rest of it is crypto. That would change immediately if it passed.

  • Hey man just be happy hemp was legalized on the federal level already. So much potential was unleashed when it was legalized.

    Cannabis will eventually be legal on the federal and state/local level so sleep well knowing that.

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