Has anyone ever watched vedios are answered questions about adds Etc- to get free Bitcoin. If so can you recommend a good site Evey little bit helps .


  • I have read that they are some that offers up to 15 dollers of Bitcoin a day . Who nos may not be true

  • Hmmm I'm dubious. Maybe if you sign up your computer to be part of a cloud mining operation, then I could see that. If you live in a place where electricity is unusually cheap, then you could make that profitable, I suppose.

  • Has anyone else ever tried the SETI project or the Human Genome thing, etc? Where you sign up your computer to help crunch numbers on huge datasets. Well the Bitcoin blockchain works in a similar way, and there are also ways to distribute the mining of Bitcoin. If the sites share fees with you though, you can be sure that they're keeping plenty for themselves as well.

  • its a fun little game been doing it for 3 years
    2018 12 dollars claimed
    2019 15 claimed
    2020 7 claimed.
    Not much per year. And it takes a few months to really start earning
    But its a fun time waster for work or home.
    And free is free.

  • Tanks medboy and yes ur right the more I looked into it cloud mining .

  • I've earned about $50 in crypto from coinbase. A lot of times that they add a new currency, they'll pay you to watch videos and answer questions about it and get $6-12 worth. You can immediately sell it to convert to bitcoin which I've always done.

  • Thanks

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    Ues coinbase earn is a good way to earn a few bucks. Shit i still got a few 10.00 invites

  • coinbase gives free a video answer questions=currency

  • i just used coinmama and paid over 12% in fees!!! going to try coinbase again

  • @clark115 have you tried cash app? Real easy and the fees are not bad at all.

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