More refills?

Any idea when there will be some new vape refills?


  • I guess we are running a little low. I'll see if @medmama has an answer.

  • @Higheveryone23 they put a whole bunch up last week and they went like hot cakes. I’m hoping some more show up soon also

  • @medboy nice, thank you! @Rubygirl816 right? I wasn’t fast enough last time.

  • I've got a few more on the way, they should be loaded up tomorrow.

  • What's the difference between the full gram refill and full gram vape refill outta curiosity

  • @Vapedad78 I don't believe there is a difference. Same product, same price. They're all vape refills...I've purchased them on multiple occasions. I think they just added "vape" when they typed up the last one.

  • @TheProfessor appreciate the input. I was just curious since they're listed further down list and look to come in different but similar syringe if one was oil and other was live or something but noticed same price so threw me off

  • they are both the same thing, i'm pretty sure @Vapedad78 the only difference is the refills come in syringes and the carts are obviously already filled.

    so basically you just get a discount for filling your own carts. totally worth it.

  • just re-read and realized that may not have even been what yall were talking about. lolz

  • Ok after further research looks like in the pictures the "super silver haze " is listed as full gram vape refill in a different type syringe than all the full gram refills, is there a reason for the added aid word vape and different type packaging?

  • Anybody had the blue cheese refills ? Got some one the way

  • @Stoney02 I have and loved them, just ordered two more today! @Vapedad78 as far as packaging, may be different supplier recently. The super Silva haze has been up there for a bit, the rest of the refills were just added recently.

  • Ah yeah that'd definitely make sense

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