Question about taking a break from flower

never wanted to but had to due to odor. I decided to spark some extremely old vape pens. I havent had flower in almost a week. Im using the pen very minimally because it was giving me a dry cough and i didnt like the chest feeling in the am. Now a productive cough. Has this happened to anyone else? Is my body going through flower withdrawal? I miss my pipe!!!!


  • I don’t smoke much flower, I smoke concentrates usually. I used to only smoke vape cartridges due to odor and I live in an illegal state. However I have a lung disease and the vapes were giving me coughing problems. I’m glad I got away from them.

  • Sounds like a problem from the vape. No lie I recently purchased a vape and it caused me to cough uncontrollably and caused major migraines ! I literally have it sitting here with 2 refills of OG kush and Gelato. I recommend maybe going back to bong ! That’s what I did and love my new bong ! Most people don’t even know it’s a bong because it looks like lipstick

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    Vapes torture my airbags. Rarely cough from flower but always cough from vapes. Check out a handy stealth device called “Hello Neighbor”. You exhale through a horn like object and it changes the odor of the weed smell.

    Edit: none of the vapes I have were purchased here 🙂

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    I went through an 6-8 month period of only using carts and I developed a nasty cough/lung issue..(the carts were not from this site)..went back to flower and not a problem. I bought a couple of the refillable syringes (Ghost Train and Mango Haze) from here..excellent btw. I use them sparingly and only on occasion. So far no more issues. Depending where you live I’ve found when pollen/allergies are bad that affects my lungs and even flower can be rough. Taking an antihistamine like Claritin really helps me.

  • @superman38NC I'm pretty sure that cannabis can actually help your lungs. My asthma improves if I stick to only dry vaping. There are very likely antihistamine effects, possibly with varied effectiveness depending on the strain. I also changed from using a lighter to using bees wax coated hemp wick to stop inhaling lighter fluid fumes. I'm using mainly a bong now and can take huge hits without my lungs hurting. There are also natural herbs that are great for your lungs that you could vape on their own or mix it with cannabis. Mullein is the best one. It's in virtually every natural breathing remedy.

    But I definitely agree that oil vaping is not good for lungs. Maybe some carts are worse than others. The last ones I ordered will be my last because I can't even get high on them before I feel like I'm about 40 years older. Sucks, because the discreteness of the vape pen is so convenient at times.

  • Vaping for me.... No more carts.....flower only.

  • Actually, vaping oil is just fine for lungs. There is plenty of research that shows it is healthier than smoking.

    The reason why vapes make you cough more is because THC is a throat irritant, more powerful than smoke. The vape oil is 88% THC so what you're inhaling is almost all THC. That's why folks who are used to smoking without coughing get knocked out by vape pens.

    However, despite the cough, there is no lung damage that has been linked to them. There was that incident with the vitamin E additives, but that never affected more than 1% of these vapes, by my estimation.

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