Credit where due.

Just wanted give props to mama and the Usps.. Quickest delivery yet paid 9-10 in my hand 9-14. You guys do a great service.


  • For real, props for sure!! Ordered Tuesday the eighth and had it in hand the twelfth.

  • Wow that is good! Don't expect that kind of delivery every time. :)

  • Well she sure slowed down on me, shocker the way my lucks been these days.

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    @medboy oh I’ve been around long enough to know that I should consider myself lucky.

  • No joke they are the BEST! And if there are any issues they always make it right! They are a life savers IMO! Thank you!!!!!

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    I ordered from loud same time and no label even yet. Mama wins this race! This time.

  • I've noticed everything from the west coast just gets on a plane and drops 2 days later in my mail. I ordered 9/6 and recieved on 9/9 in the southeast. When shipping works its magical lol

  • I've got one too cali to great smoky mnt''s ordered on sat night received on Monday. Blew my mind.

  • no shot... thats super fast! my record is 4 days. from MM i think. but Loud has also been quick for me lately. sparkin one for anyone with shipping woes. order a little extra so you don't have to re-order again soon LOL

  • On my first order from med mama my package was delivered in 3 days. 🤯 love u guys

  • Holy crap those delivery times are insane mane lol hope loud&co deliver's as fast as medmama hahaha just kidding Loud we know you guys can ship fast too😁

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    It's so strange trying to figure out how ID works. I just ordered a bong from Thick Ass Glass on the 15th and it will be here on the 18th via USPS priority mail from Colorado to NC. And it was scanned about 12 times as opposed to twice (if that) that it usually is for medicineman.

    Plus the shipping label was created about 10 minutes after I ordered and the post office had it an hour later.

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