New cart inventory

Just wondering how often new inventory Is usually added? On the fence about sending in another order as I wait for my first one. If new strains are dropped in a day or two, might choose to wait a little longer to pull the trigger.
I’m sure I should be working rather than monitoring the store site LOL


  • Welcome to the fun and games of trying to decide when and what to order. No matter what you choose, something better will always come along. And then you just end up ordering everything you can afford or can't afford.

    Seriously though, there's not much rhyme or reason to it, other than when a shipper runs low on whichever product, they usually go out looking for new stuff to replace it.

  • Haha so true and good to know. I see a couple new Loud carts I just bought some new-to-me strains. Just received first delivery and was pleasantly surprised on shipping speed to Mid Atlantic states! Can’t wait to dig in and prop my feet up later this evening!

    Cheers everyone!

  • @Reshi cheers man, that line about dig in & prop my feet up really rang true to me. i've got a delicious strain & headed to do that very thing right now. everyone have a great night!!!

    *(also agree inventory can swing wildly & unpredictable! :lol: )

  • I just posted a couple new cart flavors a couple of days ago. It'll probably be a week before I do so again.

  • Thx @medboy I grabbed a few more! Your selections are incredible!

  • Agree with @Reshi great selection put up today, thanks @medboy! Going back for more tomorrow

  • Scoreeeeee

  • @Rubygirl816 havent filled a empty 510 before, do you need a syringe tip on top? Assume that’s cleaner

  • @Jbest6699 no-- that's what I thought, too, but just so long as you heat it up to make it runny, it will squirt right in there.

    You can reference my previous post "Super Silver Haze review" for instructions, but you DONT need any type of applicator tip to fill.veryvery easy. I used a flat iron/hair straightener and it squirted right in

  • @v32Finish thanks, just what I was wondering

  • @Jbest6699 make sure you also heat the cart your filling also, very important. I thought you needed a blunt tip also, but you don’t. Look for @v32Finish post with pics and all about filling carts! It’s perfect, it helped me. I’m like a little professional now with my blow dryer, lol.

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